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The Yellow Pages: Bankrupt but Not Gone


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The Yellow Pages: Bankrupt but Not Gone

Post by mikeseaton on Tue 19 Mar 2013, 11:13 am

Published yeaterday in Bloomberg: The Yellow Pages: Bankrupt but Not Gone

Lessons for .tel ?


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Re: The Yellow Pages: Bankrupt but Not Gone

Post by fustachio.tel on Tue 19 Mar 2013, 11:59 am

“to be successful, anybody who has been in yellow pages needs to be in the local media business now.” That means transforming into a digital ad company that sells marketing services to small and medium-size business owners, helping them manage tasks like search engine optimization, and maintaining a presence on social networks. “If I am a heating and air condition person, when do I have time to do all of this?”

Like I've said link proxies for tick box automation, so telnames user only needs to tick the box to be included in a telnic local directory that is related to the telname users map location. Marketing done by telnic user to help get direct local referals to telnames user.

Make telnames app if it does not all ready tweet when a coupon is added, and 1no of all make sure they expand the tick box automation to other directories, telnames partnership with local websites and such, local newspapers with small directories, apps that do yellow pages type searches, so again make sure all the telnames user needs to do is look at their "your offers window" which shows what look like app icons next to tickboxes for directories and everything local to them that they can be included in.

A tap on the icon would bring up basic info on that service, make sure services partner with have .tel domains by default to store "your offers info" even if export of data is outside tel.

When ticked make proxy store tick as a marker, and send ping to API of said services to get them to collect the DNS data, make sure all images have right tags and end up in right places on said services, page update caused ping to said services to recollect data.

Improve tagging on images for when imported via DNS, tags for catagories aka product, store(front/back) garden etc employees etc

And for sellers try to sell the GEO directories to local councils who can do a far better job of adverting them.

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