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Is there a future in .tel?

Mad Max
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Is there a future in .tel?

Post by Mad Max on Sun 24 Mar 2013, 5:54 pm


response from today by FIZWHOA:
Renew it!!

Not just because I'm renewing mine, but there has been a growing increase in social media platforms. As well as your Facebook's, Skype, Twitter, You Tube and Google +, we have seen Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram amongst others becoming increasingly popular.

Assuming that all of the above become a standard feature in the not-to-distant future on everyone's contact pages, then it will be easier to just have a .tel domain name, to display all of your social media contacts!

Rather than a radio presenter wasting valuable air time, saying "Follow Us on Twitter, Like Us on Facebook, Watch Us on You Tube etc. It would be easier if they just quoted, "follow Terence Eden, at edent.tel".

Maybe in the future, a Social Media company may decide to buy .TEL, in the same way that Microsoft bought Skype and Facebook bought Instagram.

With mobile phone technology becoming more and more advanced, .tel will have a home and a future on the internet as opposed to Yellow Pages, which is hanging on a burning thread.

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