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Google Now Treating 20 ccTLDs As Generic TLDs

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Google Now Treating 20 ccTLDs As Generic TLDs

Post by silvano on Mon 06 May 2013, 2:57 am

Google has been updating their indexing systems to treat more ccTLDs, country-level top level domains, as generic TLDs.

If your using a ccTLD domain name and if its on the list Google will rank your site as a generic site, .com, .net and .org included.

If you’re using a ccTLD not on the list, then Google is treating the domain in its country code sense and you should not expect to get much traffic or ranking outside the host country

The list of 20 ccTLDs that Google now treats as generic are:

  • .ad
  • .as
  • .bz
  • .cc
  • .cd
  • .co
  • .dj
  • .fm
  • .gg
  • .io
  • .la
  • .me
  • .ms
  • .nu
  • .sc
  • .sr
  • .su
  • .tv
  • .tk
  • .ws

Google said that this list “may change over time”.


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