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The first unofficial Teltalk interview with Telnic


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The first unofficial Teltalk interview with Telnic

Post by TobyZ on Sat 11 May 2013, 9:02 am

The development for Tel has been stopped since several years now, especially at Telnic. Will any enhancement happen in the future?

Of course! The big advantage of Tel is that we have collaborations with more than 100 registrars. They all have the option to develop Tel extensively. There is no doubt that we will see a broad variety of activities as soon the registrars have discovered the advantages of Tel. Because of this no reason exists to provide any development by Telnic.

Very often domain investors with development skills have asked for the allowance to develop an advanced template. Why they are not allowed to bring in their skill until the registrars start with their work?

That wouldn’t be wise, because these people don’t bring enough financial requirements for such extensive work. Also the danger is very high that our guidelines for the Tel infrastructure won’t be followed. This is against our target to provide a stable platform that is much more important than providing a playground for people who only want to make experiments.

A lot of confusion exists in the public why two companies for Tel have been founded. Could you explain why Telnames was created after Telnic?

Of course! Mainly for five reasons:

  1. The reputation for Telnic has suffered a lot when we canceled all announced improvements and the previous active communication. When we launched the Telnames product, we wanted to make sure that nobody sees a connection to Telnic.
  2. We wanted to approach a complete different group of customers. Telnames is focused on small businesses in the UK while Telnic is focused on the domain industry worldwide. Unfortunately we had no success in the domain industry. It was time to close the old project and try something more successful.
  3. Telnic is the registry for Tel domains. Because of our agreement with ICANN it is forbidden for Telnic to sell domains to end users. To be able to sell domains to end users anyway, we just use this legal loophole by operating another company under our control. Together with our lawyers we compiled a perfect legal solution that doesn’t violate any regulations.
  4. To ensure our future revenues for the whole project and for the good of our customers we don’t see the need to share the registration fees with registrars. This way we can use all the money for the future of Tel.
  5. Our partners couldn’t help bringing success to Tel. Now we have much more freedom to make the right decisions alone.

But are Telnic and Telnames not the same company? In the end both companies employ the same people and even share the same office.

No, our internal policy has a very clear communication guideline for this. We don’t share information between both companies, although most employees are involved in both of them. Anyhow, to guarantee a clear segmentation we don’t talk in the company about the two different entities. All information are bundled by the CEO who is responsible for both companies. It makes absolutely sense that one person delegates all decisions to balance the targets for Telnic and Telnames. This way we can avoid any conflict of interests.

What about the tremendous amount of customer requests to improve Tel? Will they be considered in the future?

As I said in the beginning Telnic doesn’t develop for registrars anymore. This question you need to address to them.

A lot of customers believe an advanced Tel Directory could bring the crucial benefit for Tel domains. Will we see such directory in the future?

I’m very much convinced that somebody will develop this after Tel has become famous. Telnic is providing all the technical premises to enable others creating extraordinary projects with Tel.

This interview has never happened. Even though the answers are only imaginary; they are created with the most logical information which are very likely close to the reality in regard to Telnic's plans!

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Re: The first unofficial Teltalk interview with Telnic

Post by mikeseaton on Sat 11 May 2013, 1:05 pm

@TobyZ - welcome to the forum - great first post - unfortunately for the future of the .tel project so much of your "Telnic interview" is believable !


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Re: The first unofficial Teltalk interview with Telnic

Post by TelWorld on Sun 12 May 2013, 9:27 am

The answers we always have waited for, but it seems people understand the action of Telnic / Telnames without explanation.

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Re: The first unofficial Teltalk interview with Telnic

Post by swn on Mon 13 May 2013, 8:00 am

This fictitious interview gives a very good insight and makes understand
the situation very well.

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Re: The first unofficial Teltalk interview with Telnic

Post by Sponsored content

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