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Book recommendations for companies with loss of customers

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Book recommendations for companies with loss of customers

Post by NewYorkCity on Wed 15 May 2013, 5:16 pm


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Re: Book recommendations for companies with loss of customers

Post by mikeseaton on Wed 15 May 2013, 6:05 pm


Why would Telnic read these books if they WANT TO LOSE CUSTOMERS who have registered the original Telnic subdomain .tels ?

To quote a previous post:

mikeseaton wrote:What surprises me is that some forum members still seem to think there will be further development and marketing of the original Telnic subdomain .tels, despite all the evidence supplied by Telnic/Telnames to the contrary ie:

mikeseaton wrote:- Telnic have cancelled their .tel Roadmap
- Telnic have cancelled their .Telegraph Newsletter
- Telnic have put their Forum into "lockdown" mode
- Telnic have put a stop to any real development of subdomain .tels
- The new iPhone & Android apps are only for Telnames .tels
- The Affiliate Program is only for Telnames .tels
- The TV ads, Business shows, Radio interviews, etc are only for Telnames .tels

IT'S PRETTY OBVIOUS - Telnic subdomain .tels have no marketable future !
When the message gets through I expect many existing Telnic subdomain .tel registrants will also quit the .tel project.

BUT I just have this feeling that Telnic/Telnames may be OK with this - it's obvious they have decided the future lies with Telnames single-page .tels - the only problem is how to get rid of the thousands of existing Telnic subdomain .tels ?

I could be wrong about this of course, and Telnic may suddenly re-introduce the .tel Roadmap, restart the .Telegraph Newsletter, remove "lockdown" from their Forum and start to develop the Telnic subdomain .tel format again.

But all the evidence supplied by them so far would suggest I am right !

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