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HOT DATES & Sedo Parking


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HOT DATES & Sedo Parking

Post by mikeseaton on Fri 24 May 2013, 6:08 pm

Strictly speaking you can't park a .tel domain (since you have to stick with predefined nameservers), but you can come close to it using the SedoParking URL I have placed on http://HotDates.tel

I believe Sedo no longer give you revenue for SedoParking.com clicks, but it does give you another indexed page in search engines for your .tel name and also provides a route to the Sedo "for sale" page (although of course you could go direct there).

Still I think http://www.sedoparking.com/hotdates.tel works well !

I also have the following "Hot Dates" domains for sale
- http://www.HotDates.co
- http://www.HotDatesOnline.com


PS. If you select the "Automatic" setting for the Sedo photo it changes (within the picture category) for each new page load - hit "Refresh" to see this in action.

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