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This is how I see the future of TEL


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This is how I see the future of TEL

Post by Richy on Thu 27 Jun 2013, 2:55 pm

All the discussions about TEL have two repeating topics: 1. Telnic has no nice style while Telnames has bad SEO abilities caused by short text and missing sub-domains. 2. To survive against the strength of Google a TEL directory is demanded. Maybe these are two heavy downsides of TEL, but it doesn’t make me worried about the future. From the effort at Telnames I see Telnic is really trying hard to place new innovation in the market and after one year a really smart, easy and nice solution is already born. This shows me Telnames will consider reasonable suggestions, although not everything happens as fast as many forum members wish. But the introduction of PayPal payments and the Telnames partner network shows Telnames has other priorities first. Maybe sub-domains and a TEL directory has to be obligatory for the success of TEL, and if there is no other chance to succeed Telnames will follow up on this. I believe in one or two years many more people around the globe will have heard about TEL, especially after Telnames has expanded the activities beyond the British borders. As soon Telnames has become a winner, other registrars should follow the example of Telnames.

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