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Case study Telnames


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Case study Telnames

Post by 247 on Fri 26 Jul 2013, 12:11 pm


Telnames was launched in April 2012 in response to the lack of success in domain sales for the TLD .tel.
After 2 years of operation of the this new top level domain the operator decided to do something unique by canceling all previous activities, leaving unsatisfied customers behind and founding a new company that focused more on core components of the TLD.
This included the non-observance of requirements for search engine optimization and strong limitations in flexibility.
This decision accelerated the destruction of the customer base.
Very professional website at Telnames.com
Attempt of bringing the attention to contact data
Direct approach of targeted customers
Unripe considerations in particular with respect to traffic growth of sold websites and hosting
Providing only very elementary elements in an environment influenced by increasing demands
Product development didn’t consider the most important customer requirements
Ignoring all opinions from experts
Telnames technology is based on a new structure using the Domain Names System (DNS), but the offered solution could have been realized with a simple HTML template much more flexible
Focusing on (regional) marketing while reducing the development effort
Creating strong resentment of the former clients
The number of customers at Telnames is extremely disappointing and does not justify the effort.
Telnames in its current form has no chance to survive.

The operator has made the future work more difficult even further.
Only a strong involvement of experts knowing the market environment and a focus on a strong development department can bring improvement.


Accepting the failure, reducing the number of staff members significant to a minimum and preparation for administration of only a few thousand domains in the future.

All details delivered in this post are only my individual opinion. Perhaps you see things differently. Please let me know.

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Re: Case study Telnames

Post by TelBlogger on Fri 26 Jul 2013, 1:00 pm

If they allowed sub-domains and content this turkey might achieve liftoff. As it is the poor bird has two broken wings and one broken leg and its hopping down the runway thinking it will be able to fly. Fat chance!

Anyone involved in the internet could have told them about this ridiculous Telnames disaster but, I guess, they never sought an opinion. What a joke!

I remember the promoter's pitch man in a radio interview. When he was asked how Telnames was going he replied, "It's going well actually". He didn't sound convincing; lol!

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