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Make the process of getting your domain and a basic web presence insanely easy

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Make the process of getting your domain and a basic web presence insanely easy

Post by FrankW. on Tue 13 Aug 2013, 11:54 am


Many years ago (well, one year ago) we had a Eureka moment: why is it so damn hard to setup a simple online presence for all my wacky startup ideas?

I just need an email address and a simple web page on my own domain name. It should take 30 seconds, it should be frictionless, and I shouldn't have to mess with DNS records. And if that's not asking too much, I shouldn't be taxed for a year of service if I shut down the project in 3 months!

As it turns out, lots of startups and small businesses feel the same way.


POP is a ridiculously easy way to launch your business or idea online. In less than a minute, you'll be rocking the Interwebs with a custom POP Page and an email address powered by Google Apps -- all on your very own .CO domain name. Try it free, pay monthly, and cancel at any time. No yearly commitments.

For our super-tech-geek friends, POP has an advanced DNS feature that will forward your .CO domain to Wordpress, LaunchRock, Strikingly, or your favorite hosting provider. WOOT!

All this magic happened with the help of the good peeps at .CO and Google Apps who collaborated to bring POP to life. In the near future, we'll add additional apps and services that you can choose from to build and operate your online presence, while keeping the product fast, simple, and easy to use like we promised.



  • A shiny .CO domain name (YourSite.co)
  • World's simplest DNS editor. Pick the service you want to point to (LaunchRock, Strikingly, Barley, etc). Hit "Save." That's it.
  • A sleek POP web page (No programming skills required)
  • Custom email (you@YourSite.co) and other awesome productivity apps, powered by Google Apps (aka Gmail).
  • Perks and benefits (like free tickets to hot events) from the .CO Membership Program
  • Everyone on your team can get their own email address and Google Apps account too, for just $5 per user per month.

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