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The reason why .tel depends on domainers and Telnic has done its biggest mistake ever


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The reason why .tel depends on domainers and Telnic has done its biggest mistake ever

Post by Sunrise on Fri 16 Aug 2013, 5:14 pm

Telnic stopped all work in spring 2011 in favor for their effort to make Telnames a success.
Telnic didn’t realize until today with this step they have done their biggest mistake ever.

Today it’s clear that Telnic was not satisfied with the success and tried to cut off all domainers.
Instead Telnic tries to approach small businesses.
At first glance this seems smart, but it isn’t.
After seeing the whole picture, Telnic has done a very counterproductive mistake.

The core problem is the specification of .tel itself:
The .tels from Telnic have very bad SEO – and the .tels from Telnames are even much worse.
This was always the deficit every experienced domainer has pointed out from the beginning.
If Telnic would provide better SEO for .tel, domainers would be interested in using .tel too.

But there is a main difference between domainers and small businesses Telnames tries to approach:
As soon domainers will notice that money could be potentially earned with .tel, they would buy not only 1 or 2 domains like a small business.
Suddenly single individuals would buy hundreds and even thousands of .tel domains.

Of course, you can say this is unethical, because domainers will buy domains mostly for speculative reasons.
But you can’t close the eyes from the fact that this is the way how the domain world is running.
Most domains with the extensions .com, .co, .info, .xxx and the new gTLDs have never been and will be never bought by end users.
No exception exists and won’t ever exist!

If Telnic wants to get successful they have to give the market what it demands.
As soon this is noticed by the public, domainers will buy 95 % of all domains (as they always do).
And only this group will be able to push the registration numbers up.
Small businesses that don’t belong to that group won’t bring the success for .tel.

No domain extension has ever become a success without the help of domainers.
Telnic has to accept that .tel can’t survive by ignoring the market rules.
Telnic has to solve the SEO problem for .tel or registration numbers will always go down!

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