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10 things you didn't know about .tel domains


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10 things you didn't know about .tel domains

Post by Sunrise on Tue 20 Aug 2013, 8:09 pm

Following a slew of .tel announcements, this geek managed to catch hold of Fabien Chalandon, vice chairman, of Telnic Ltd, the UK-based registry operator and sponsoring organization for the new .tel-sponsored top-level domain (sTLD), while Fabien was in town.

Now, I thought I had seen it all until I went into conversation with Fabien and a few things about .tel domains REALLY surprised me. Here're 10 things I bet you didn't know about .tel domains

1. You CAN'T host a Web site using .tel domains. .tel is the only online phonebook available without a Webpage, naturally tailored for mobile Internet. Surprised? Then why the hell do I need to register a .tel domain when I can't host a Web site!?

Well, here's the official answer why you need a .tel domain.

Increasingly complex communication needs:

  • Multiplicity of phone numbers

  • Multiplicity of means of communication

  • Multiplicity of communication technologies: Old (PSTN), present (mobile), and emerging new technologies (old telephony/VoIP), increased professional and geographical mobility requiring frequent changes and up-to-date information

  • Multiplication of services and devices requiring a single entry point for multiple contact information and ways of communication

The consumer needs a unique place to store all his contact information that's accessible by anyone from anywhere as mobile Internet is expanding. This is .tel.

So, how do I store information on my .tel domains? That brings me to the second thing you didn't know about .tel domains.

2. Information on your .tel domain is stored and consolidated in the DNS, the very backbone of the Internet, under a single digital ID multiple contact information.

It works by storing the contact information directly in the DNS and retrieving it through a simple contact page with very low data content, thus being downloadable quickly and cheaply from any device.

Why is storing data in the DNS important? Using the DNS as a data store enables individuals and businesses to utilize this powerful system to publish information globally, securely, quickly and easily. Because no Web sites need to be created, much less time is required in order to publish information. The data is delivered as live information rather than Webpage content and is formatted appropriately for any device accessing the .tel domain.

3. Telnic has broken a Guinness World Record for...

The longest startup Guinness Book of Records nine years without revenue!

Haha... before you think these guys are crazy, they have US$36 million of funding from serious investors and equally serious technical backup from the likes of Siemens and leading DNS experts.

Nine years without revenue is quite a challenge, but also gives them plenty of time to grow this service, I would guess?

4. .tel will become the easiest way to find you, or your business.

Yet, it also has privacy features and even "friendly functionality"... the mother of social networking at the very core DNS level, anyone?

5. .tel has the potential to replace all directories.

And it's global, as opposed to a fragmented service like Yellow Pages. With the "friendly functionality", hell, it may even give Facebook a good run for its money!

6. It can even be used for large and complex corporate directories.

.tel can be used for implementing complex global directories for large or multinational corporations using hierarchical pages and sub pages.

  • Replacing complex IVR solutions for customers (hertz.tel: try to get the phone number of a local rental agency while on the move)

  • Exposing easily and quickly the main address and phone coordinates, usually available on its Web site at the last page of the annual report

  • Allowing multilingual key words for each sub page--extend the brand in the communications area

For example, I was shown a demo by Fabien on how it can easily replace a directory like our Singapore government directory SGDI in a flash. Now, if only this service was introduced a couple of years back, I bet our Singapore Government would have saved a lot of money setting up and maintaining SGDI.

7. .tel can provide location information

Hey, you can even enable location-based services on this service!

8. You've always wanted a Web site, but didn't have time or money to set one up.

For all those who have trouble setting up a Web site (individuals, small businesses) because of budget and time contraints, .tel is a pretty good service to quickly display and manage securely an online presence without a Webpage. Not only that, you save all costs and time spent associated with changing the postal address, telecom operators, ISPs, etc. (UK example).

9. .tel domains help in your SEO

Fabien showed me a demo where he Googled himself and his .tel domain showed up on the Top 5 search results even though this service hasn't even been launched yet! Well, I bet SEO buffs know this already.

10. You can register your .tel domains NOW and there are NO AUCTIONS

From February 3, 2009, all domain names will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis for a three-year term at a fixed price. No domain names are being held back for auctions (as was the case with .mobi, .me and .asia). Therefore, there will be only a short window to take advantage of the great opportunity to register valuable domain names that are not already registered by trademark owners.

So, what are you waiting for? Singaporeans can register their .tel domains through IPmirror now.


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