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.tel Buyers Anonymous


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.tel Buyers Anonymous

Post by TelBlogger on Tue 03 Sep 2013, 2:20 am

For a long time I have noticed a disturbing trend in .tel. That is for people who have already lost money on this useless extension to keep buying .tel domains.

Just wondering if we don't need to set up a .tel Buyers Anonymous group to help people with this addictive behavior. 

In spite of knowing this extension is a complete joke, they still buy when they see a one word domain available. Buy they must. It is truly bizarre behavior and I am also not immune.

I believe it is rooted in their desire to avoid the pain of admitting that their portfolio is nearly worthless. They convince themselves they are storing up value for the future perhaps.

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Re: .tel Buyers Anonymous

Post by Expert on Tue 03 Sep 2013, 10:31 am

While very few domains get registered at Telnames, the most newly registered domains are previously dropped generics.
Always the same names of registrants appear.
I guess meanwhile everyone knows that not much is happening.
It's only a gambling with the bet on better times, especially with the hope that the DNS could get a bigger scope of applications in a distant future.

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