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The Telnames miracle


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The Telnames miracle

Post by Sunrise on Thu 19 Sep 2013, 7:34 am

It puts some important questions into my head why somebody can give such a statement: http://blog.telnames.com/customer-case-study-the-flying-chef/
... our .tel makes it easy for people to find us on their smartphone when they’re out ...
What tools, searches or apps can I use to find the Telname of a business if I don't know it already?
I have no clue, because SEO with content is impossible for Telnames. Does an alternative exist to find a Telname that I don't know yet?
Creating a mobile-friendly website has made a world of difference to the Flying Chef when it comes to getting noticed by new customers and local contacts direct from their phones.
How does this work? How can a new customer get the information to his cell phone?
If I'm an old customer, I can remember the business name. But a new customer???
It’s really hard to put a value on what a .tel has done for our business.
What value can a website have if not many visitors or high traffic (what can't be the case for Telnames)?

Does anyone have answers to these questions?
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Re: The Telnames miracle

Post by Boracay on Thu 19 Sep 2013, 9:41 am

No, but i do know that some companies are charging a lot more than telnames (here in Australia in anyway). Like $60 per month to give you a fast and mobile-friendly website service. That's the going rate.

As an aside, I noticed today a lot of "driving school" .tels failed to resolve, perhaps they have now dropped.
Most still are findable in google.

As I said, not adding much here

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