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Would you use a FREE .TEL equivalent ?


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Would you use a FREE .TEL equivalent ?

Post by mikeseaton on Thu 20 Mar 2014, 2:28 pm

Just mulling over the many missed opportunities by Telnic/Telnames and wondered that if there was a FREE Single Page Single Point Of Contact "Telnames-style" domain in the format mydomain.telxxxx.com would you use it ?

It would include a Control Panel for your data entry and a searchable Global Directory broken down by individual country of residence of the owner !

If you think you would use it, I would be interested to hear forum members views on what is the MINIMUM they would expect to be provided on this single page single point of contact domain ?

Remember I'm talking about a FREE (that word does sound attractive !) offering so no Rolls Royce style wish lists please.

FREE works for Twitter with hundreds of millions of users - it works for Facebook with over a billion users - could it work for Telxxxx.com as well ?

It goes without saying (though I will do so !) that it would automatically adjust to the display environment in use eg. laptop, desktop, tablet, mobile phone.

Let's hear your views please on what facilities it would have to contain to get you to register your own FREE mydomain.telxxxx.com !


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Re: Would you use a FREE .TEL equivalent ?

Post by krhgt on Thu 20 Mar 2014, 4:09 pm

Steve Randall (Dial a Room) has done the same with .tel domains: They ibell.tel you!

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Re: Would you use a FREE .TEL equivalent ?

Post by fustachio.tel on Thu 20 Mar 2014, 4:34 pm

Because of tel I have come to realise a few things, I dislike paying for tels or any domain because its like paying for a time-share fiddle-faddle, unless you're getting revenue from it then its just a money sink that drains your bank, I and everyone never really own domains outright they're not something I can hold in my hand and or put under my pillow at night, or in a bank vault and know it will be passed on to my relatives in my will, domains they do what I need but they just absorb and all these dam companies like Donuts and ICANN do too.

Look at Bitcoins people are afraid of them, they'd never have gotten past tech circles until they created literal coins that you can hold in your hand because people like to feel, we feel objects, we hold objects and we hide objects.

Tel is DNS based and used to store data, the tel domain itself is just a fancy short way to gain access to that data, perhaps in the future when DNA scanning is easer I wont need a fancy domain that drains my money and can go via what ever code my body is running as the key to my data location in the DNS architecture, however right now I have an IP that I pay for and while that's rental of sorts if you couple that with a device I can unplug at will and hold and HIDE and re-link to the main DNS at whim then I'd feel FREE.

No I'm not completely crazy but you talk about free? free is something I own outright and can hold in my hand, free is not bound by constraints. So might I suggest some informative approach to not just copying twitter but actually doing something outside the box that we are stuck in.

From the looks of .bit or what ever has been posted on here previously, perhaps create something I can plug into my router that truly allows me to be free to share the data I choose. Perhaps run your own DNS server that syncs data from these mini distributed DNS storage Dongles and use custom plugins to serve and exchange this data outside of this corporate oligarchy of ICANN domainer middle men.

Or don't and run just another website that does nothing more remarkable than telnames ever did.
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Re: Would you use a FREE .TEL equivalent ?

Post by lostwithiel on Fri 21 Mar 2014, 4:32 am

Google Mobile Sites templates aren't too bad if you don't want to pay any money !!

Examples at http://www.practicalecommerce.com/articles/2898-6-Google-Templates-to-Mobilize-Your-Business

If you want a more "punchy" url than the https://sites.google.com/site/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx style that google give you then you can map site to your own domain.  See  https://support.google.com/sites/answer/99448?hl=en



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Re: Would you use a FREE .TEL equivalent ?

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