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Net-Link Tel Search Engine


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Net-Link Tel Search Engine

Post by mikeseaton on Fri 15 Jun 2012, 1:11 pm

If you are looking for a search engine for .tel domains I have developed Net-Link Tel Search at http://www.net-link.com/tel

A couple of tips:

1. After searching with Net-Link tel Search click on any of the headings above the search box - Web/Video/Facebook/Google+/MySpace/Twitter to perform the same search without re-keying
- try http://www.net-link.com/tel/search.asp?q=britney+spears to see what I mean.

2. To view just Telnames template domains (excluding test domains) use this search



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Re: Net-Link Tel Search Engine

Post by Alex on Mon 18 Jun 2012, 8:06 am

Mike, I like the idea of Net-Link very much.

It has also a very nice adaption of the Google search.

A few questions for improvement:

  • Could the search box be a little bit bigger to bring the most important part more into focus?
  • The banner ad on top takes the most space of the homepage (especially before performing a search). Could you make the commercial part a little bit more inconspicuous?

Anyway your tips are very valuable! Great work!


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