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Dump Your .tels


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Dump Your .tels

Post by TelBlogger on Sat 05 Apr 2014, 6:16 pm

A few years ago I wrote an ebook recommending renewing .tels after the first year.

Now without question the time has come to drop all your .tels because:

1. It is very hard to make any money from adsense with them unless you spend 80-100 hours per domain in populating them.

2. There is no aftermarket for even premium (haha!) .tel domains.

3. .tel is the most useless extension in the internet because your content is almost non-existent. You can not be found in search with a one page Telname unless it is specific to the nth degree.

4. Telnic have no ideas, no action plan, and no chance.

My advice, don't throw away your cash just drop all of them because .tel is a complete and unprecedented disaster!

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Re: Dump Your .tels

Post by fustachio.tel on Sun 06 Apr 2014, 8:02 am

I like the DNS storage and how the proxy can pull out videos and links, what I don't like is that's all it does to a degree. The content is almost non-existent? most of the internet is none-existent we only have a thin layer to capture the imagination of clickers, why cant search engines spider DNS stored data and present it and rank it better other than via basic web mechanisms forced by telnic and ICANN? either tel needs to drop the DNS feature and give it to .data or tel should talk to wolfram alpha about spidering and presenting the DNS proxy which might make other engines follow suit so we get better results vs interpreted/presented DNS look ups that are not going through the proxy as the proxy is only a default framed representation of it.

If tel is about storing data and we cant store more data than a few links then tel does not need the DNS feature and it should be given to another domain that will open up its usage and development and is willing to partner with tech companies and start ups to integrate data pulling and cross presentation.

You call to throw away, well is it not better to downsize then ensure your voice is heard when another company takes over? rather than taking a complete loss? and if they don't know who you are will a company listen to you? telnic don't listen now even when they know who you are but a new company who take over tel would have too as they would inherit you as a customer.

Out yourselves, build a community with what little playing cards you hold (tels) and prepare a community request sheet for the new tel owners. Or just drop and walk away though I'll still be here in a reduced form and I bet some of you who claim to walk away will be also, so what comes after? more beholden to another corporations vision? because no one had the balls to actually want to be part of a community other than as anonymous trolls?

Look at .ceo they have networking! we could have a presentable networking forum here if people actually stopped hiding, so we're not CEOS but we can be professional if we try a little harder, each use our skills to make the other look a little better, and that might just gain the respect of a new company looking to take over tel.

But right now the presentation is rubbish, if we don't invest in ourselves how can we expect a company to invest in tel? and make it more useful for us? why should any company want to make tel better for customers who act like us?

Any company looking to take over tel will take into consideration the customers and if they're someone they want to deal with, if you we're investing in a tld would you deal with someone on this forum? or would prefer .ceo? I think .ceo is cleaner and has more presentable customers who don't mess about, but that's easy it's because they're ceos they have the money to have a presentable front PR image while most are really sat unshaven in the office with the blinds closed.

So we don't have the money and we're really angry at telnic but that's no reason to be angry at ourselves and not to invest in ourselves to show people we mean business, do you all really want to be the unshaven guys/girls as a front PR image or is it not better to level up and clean up our act?

I believed telnic moved to telnames as well so they didn't have to deal with us, you know people who all ready look after their public image probably own businesses like .CEO, don't you think it would be better payback if we clean up our act, go professional, make ourselves an attractive community for a new company to buy up telnic and want to make money by supporting us as we use tel to complete our projects? customers represent a product to other customers, and if the customers are a "bad neighbourhood" or like a gang then no one else would want to use that product or be associated with it. Tel has not failed completely, sure it failed to capture the imagination of customers and what's left is getting a further bad reputation because we're a bad neighbourhood but bad neighbourhoods can be turn around with small investments in the way we act, small investments in the way we present ourselves to others, how we support others in the neighbourhood and how we welcome new neighbours and advertise empty properties even going so far as maintaining them, gardening them until it catches another persons eye as some where they'd like to live.

Not to be rude about this but sure not all of you are unshaven etc but you could go along way to improving your images and not sitting in bubbles expecting everything you say is ok, telnic get to brush you off because you're presentation to others is in line with perspectives they hold with people that get brushed off or are not worth talking to, listening to etc.

More to the point, I apologise if you're offended by this post but the message is, while I don't agree with telnic or side with them and I still like the DNS feature etc, the presentation not only of the proxy but of the abandoned and rat infested derelict building community does not encourage anyone to want to move in and develop anything, and while I might not have the best presentation what I say goes for me also if we clean ourselves up and improve the presentation and become serious by really showing who we are and what we can do when we put our minds to it a new company might just listen and take over telnic sooner to provide this customer base with something worth their investment.

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