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E-commerce picks up in Middle East

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E-commerce picks up in Middle East

Post by Bunjie on Mon 18 Jun 2012, 12:33 pm

E-commerce picks up in Middle East, needs new prepaid payment solutions, for goods, services, and small/large online retail solutions.
While the Middle East has been slow to adopt e-commerce, it seems doing business online is now gaining in popularity.

According to one estimate the sector increased by 300% last year.
Why Shouldn't .tel fill that gap?, they used to sell .tel domains in shops with giftcards so why not add some 'cash' to those cards? just like all other pre-paid cards do and giftcards do? then telnic credit it to the registrar wallet of the registrar they choose, and then use that wallet with the .tel to pay goods and services who have another .tel domain? you don't even need to advertise it as 'get a good name' they can sell them as numbers and random web domain hashes, as they'll just be used to pay for services and transfer data to the website requiring it.
Telnic should then build on it so that contact details can be transfered easily when paying, also those domains don't need to be visible in the proxy, they should be upgradeable to full web with a name of their choice at a later date if they wish to pay more aka an upgrade 'fee' or one solicited from taking payments into their random domain wallet or donation upgrade from another .tel community member, this is so telnic can sell as many of the .tel disposable domains as possible for low cost as cards with pre-paid cash on them, aka to be able to sell in bulk just like phone companies give out sim cards in bulk.
In case you don't know what a pre-paid card is, you pay £5 at a retailer for a £5 card and it's got £5 on it, and just like you top up phones with 'codes' from a printed out piece of paper, that are random theres no reason why telnic should not be moving forward to fill a gap in the middle east small retail sector that need on the ground payment solutions, to pay for goods and services online that might come from other countries, or just between themselves..

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