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BuyNames.tel - ideal for domain resale site


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BuyNames.tel - ideal for domain resale site

Post by mikeseaton on Tue 19 Jun 2012, 1:37 pm

If you are serious about selling domains you need your own domain resale site (even if you send customers to say Sedo or Dynadot to make the actual payment).

Your own domain resale site will get you free targeted traffic (if you name/populate your pages correctly) and lends an air of credibility to your domains for sale, as well as making it easy for potential buyers to phone you to discuss a domain they are interested in.

I use http://Domains123.tel for this purpose - I now have http://BuyNames.tel for sale if you would like to set up something similar.

The domain has just been renewed (the expiry date is 20 June 2013) and is being sold via Dynadot.

To purchase click http://BuyNames.tel and then the "Buy" link at the bottom of the page - or click http://www.dynadot.com/marketplace/buynames.tel to go direct.

You will need a Free Dynadot account - click http://www.dynadot.com/create_account.html to generate this

Transfer of the domain to yourself will be within a few minutes of purchase by Dynadot's fully automated process - so you could have http://BuyNames.tel up and running as your own site by this evening.


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