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Making a name for yourself online



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Making a name for yourself online

Post by Alex on Tue 26 Jun 2012, 7:05 am

Business cards: A constant source of annoyance. As many of our students look forward to graduation in the coming weeks, both professional and business opportunities lie ahead.

By Raveen Sagar on 19th June 2012

Given the nature of the global market, and the tough economic climate that we find ourselves in, the need for an effective marketing strategy for you or your business, is more apparent than ever. This is where an innovative, new business can help: Telnames.

As our graduates will soon find out, the tough business world demands a new approach, a new method of marketing. Gone are the days where you can hand out detailed business cards at networking events, or give out your mobile number to potential contacts.

Why, you say? Well, business cards are outdated for two reasons; firstly, the ever-changing nature of your contact information (whether it’s social or business networks, physical addresses or new types of apps for smart phones) means that printing cards becomes expensive and inefficient. Further, it quite simply isn’t distinctive enough; streams of information on one small piece of card are not enticing. So why not put something else on those cards?

So, what Telnames offers, is a way of putting all your means of communications under one name. All the ways of reaching you can now be under a simple name that’s impossible to forget- YourName.tel. Indeed, customers and friends can now contact you from any device connected to the internet, through a single website.

What further enhances this model is that your .tel name is designed so that customers can connect with you in a single click. Customers and friends will simply have to select the phone number to dial it, or an email address to start typing. The beauty of this concept is that you’ll never have to change your business card again; all you simply have to do is print your .tel name.

As a young professional, you are constantly changing your interests, your ambitions, and your contact details. Indeed, many of our students may have to move to big cities in order to pursue their chosen career path. Telnames enables you to create a simple yet powerful online presence, on both computers and mobile devices, where you are able to update all of this information in under a minute. Importantly, you also have the ability to make yourself accessible for future employers, as it’s indexed by all major search engines.

As a University, we are forever encouraging students to embark on business schemes in order to provoke new and innovative thought. Both the ‘Student Apprentice’ and the ‘Enterprise Presentations’ of this term, are testament to the ever-growing interest in business we have.

Indeed, students who are looking to start a new business can also market themselves under YourCompany.tel. Through this, you’re able to make it easier for customers find and reach you, improve your visibility online and also market yourself in a distinctive and accessible way, without the traditional requirements of having the technical skill to build, manage and host a website.

Stop. I can hear you shaking your head in dismay: What about Facebook, LinkedIn, About.me or Twitter? Yes, other free services do exist, but the difference is you don’t own or control them, and therefore you are unable to brand yourself independently. When you look for a job, it is clearly more professional to put a short, concise domain name that you own on your business card, as opposed to a long link which takes you to LinkedIn or a Facebook link that gives implicit agreement to your potential employer to view the entirety of your life.

Of course, the content on your .tel is completely up to you, so it may be quite likely that you will have a direct link to your Facebook, or your LinkedIn page, but you control where you direct people to and how your personal brand is directed.

The most crucial benefit of this concept for me is the ability to market yourself or your business in a professional and effective way. Certainly, it’s innovative, it’s different, and most definitely something to consider as you embark on your professional lives after University. It’s also cost-effective, something that’s extremely welcome in today’s economic climate.

This article was published one week ago at TheYorker.co.uk, but is currently not accessible.


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