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The strange business of .tel!


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The strange business of .tel!

Post by Sunrise on Thu 06 Nov 2014, 1:12 pm

End users don’t like the product!
Logical reaction: Improving the product
Telnic’s reaction: Stopping all development

Telnic gets a lot of criticism!
Logical reaction: Using the advices for improvements
Telnic’s reaction: Banning all critics and stopping all communication

Nobody knows .tel!
Logical reaction: Increasing marketing activities
Telnic’s reaction: Trying to bring .tel to three or four people / stopping all marketing if they don’t buy it

The .tel design is ugly!
Logical reaction: Bringing a better design to all customers
Telnic’s reaction: Founding another company (Telnames) for a product with a better design

The business is struggling!
Logical reaction: Getting help
Telnic’s reaction: Closing all doors and speaking to nobody

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Re: The strange business of .tel!

Post by mikeseaton on Thu 06 Nov 2014, 3:55 pm

@Sunrise - Couldn't have put it better myself !


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