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Is this the end?

Senior Member
Senior Member

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Is this the end?

Post by ixida on Wed 19 Nov 2014, 1:57 pm

  • No marketing at all
  • No news, blog entries or signs of intention for future plans
  • Very little development
  • No implementation of even the most basic features (e.g. administration of pictures in the control panel)
  • Absolutely no activity to sell more domains
  • Continuously falling registrations since years
  • All active people have gone
  • Financial problems at Telnic / Telnames
  • No detection of any employees at Telnic / Telnames
  • Total absence of active customers

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Re: Is this the end?

Post by mikeseaton on Wed 19 Nov 2014, 7:25 pm

@ixida - It's not looking good I have to agree !

Check out
What's happened to Telnic/Telnames CTO
Telnic pulls a cunning move !
.TEL loses 200,000+ registrations ! WHY ?
for clues to the answer to IS THIS THE END ?


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