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New .tel features in 2015


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New .tel features in 2015

Post by Sunrise on Mon 22 Dec 2014, 6:15 pm

Here some secret information from Telnic's headquarters!
These features will be released during the next 12 months:
  • The ability to insert an automated questionnaire into any .tel domain with the following default question:
    Q: What do you hate more about .tel? A: The slow development or the backward design?
  • A default button on every .tel domain with the following words: Please keep looking. Nothing can be seen here. This is not going to change!
  • The ability to place a complaint on your .tel domains that will be transferred directly to Telnic's Director of Customer Services. Then he will delete all entries unread.
  • The insertion of a countdown on every .tel domain with the remaining time until self-destruction.
  • A new option to hide all content of a .tel domain in case a visitor will open it unexpectedly.
  • The ability to insert phone numbers longer than 1,024 digits.
  • A new thank-you message appearing after every manual entry with the following text: Thank you for wasting your time!
  • The ability to delete your .tel domain just with one click if you don't need it anymore. (The most desired feature by most customers.)
  • A disclaimer at the end of every .tel domain: Have you ever thought that .tel is going to be developed? How stupid are you?
  • The option to vote for a successor of Telnic's CEO who said goodbye with the following letter exactly 4 years ago: http://telnic.org/newsletters/End_Of_Year_Message_from_Kash.pdf
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Re: New .tel features in 2015

Post by 4444 on Mon 22 Dec 2014, 6:41 pm

Sunrise wrote:

It sounds very sarcastic, but incredibly, it's the truth!
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Re: New .tel features in 2015

Post by MWX on Tue 23 Dec 2014, 10:00 am

I doubt all these points come in 2015. With the work pace by Telnic it would need 20 years to develop them.

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Re: New .tel features in 2015

Post by Sponsored content

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