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Post by Telnic on Tue 30 Dec 2014, 12:27 pm

tony mayo12-14-2009 04:57 PM

Forming exclusive partnerships to monetize our .tels is one area I think that should be explored.
It was while reading the thread on rss feeds in another part of this forum that prompted me to start thinking of the possibilities of using simple rss links to sell advertising on local directories.
You could for example do a deal with a local property company, linking to an rss feed of their property for sale or to let. Local directories would be perfect for this and other possibilities might include links to rss feeds of classified adverts, cars for sale, jobs, etc.
I have just tested some of these rss links and the feeds for the most part work very well on the iPhone.
I think one advantage of this idea is that the advertiser can get exclusive access to a local phone directory and .tel owners can avoid cluttering their directory with too much inventory.
I might be overlooking something, but it's certainly an avenue worth exploring.

mactel12-14-2009 05:14 PM

Hi Tony
Could you post a few example-links? Thanks.

tel4rent12-14-2009 06:13 PM

what you just mentioned above is an excellent idea. The purpose that i asked question on the other part of the forum is for this purpose. I have few project in that area (property agency, malls, quotes, events, calendar etc...). It will open up so many possibilities...quick menu change for restaurants, pricing, spot advert....
Ideally users should be in control to turn on or off and change the feed. The same way we have field for phone, address etc...they should provide field for rss or feeds in general.

Thanks for sharing


tony mayo12-14-2009 07:35 PM

The tests are here www.mayolive.tel. and look best in Firefox and iPhone on mobile phone. 
Let me know what you think. Property would look better as an advert. But for local directories, links to news feed with community type content, (even obituaries), is worth considering. 
What I'm really getting at is that the advertiser can drill down to local level with .tel directories and exploit the huge emerging mobile market.
The menu change for restaurants and, as you say pricing, spot ads etc, has to be a huge opportunity that .tel can exploit better than any other local directory. 
Earlier, I tested feeds from Twitter with this very idea in mind, but I wasn't overly impressed and I think a lot of work needs to be done for it to become a reality. 
Mark Kolb has done great work with tweet2tel, but that is aimed at SEO and not what we have in mind.
However, I did read somewhere recently that Telnic is talking about providing this type of feed feature, but we will have to wait and see.
The more ideas we kick about, the more chance there is that someone is going to come up with a real winner. 
I realise that what I'm talking about is very basic stuff, but for someone with no expertise in this area even I can see that .tel will someday be as commonplace and as important as emails and text messaging are today.
What I am saying is that the possibilities for leveraging .tel seem almost limitless and much of what Ron Munson dreamed for in his inspirational post http://www.telnic.org/forum/showthread.php?t=134http://www.telnic.org/forum/showthread.php?t=134 may not be as far off as we might think.

dottel.net12-14-2009 07:39 PM

hi - apologies, but i'm not following. what does this give a user vs navigating directly to these rss feeds in a browser? what am i missing? what advantage is there of adding the rss links into a tel only to click out again? wouldnt taking content from feed and populating tel records be more useful?

tony mayo12-14-2009 08:21 PM

I understand what you are saying... and agree clicking out of your own domain is not a great idea.
My idea was more to do with offering an advertiser (real estate agent) an exclusive gateway to a very specific local market by way of linking to an rss feed of his sales, particularly with the mobile web in mind. 
I came round to this idea because it is not possible as yet to populate the tel with an rss feed.
I put up the links in an idle moment, not with the intention of promoting it as some big monetization breakthrough.

Mark Kolb (Kprobe)12-14-2009 10:13 PM

My two cents ... if Telnic will provide a controlled way of feeding external content directly into a .tel domain via RSS and XML then this would be the way to go - live data is better than an external link. I started to code an indirect Rss to Tel feed but other priorities are in the way right now. Besides this would require regular server updates and would never be real-time. I'm waiting to see if Telnic has plans.

mactel12-15-2009 12:05 AM

Hi Tony
Very good.
But its taking up too much space:
Each feed should only take as much space as a thumb nail.
Something like a square, and within that, is a icon/logo, plus a short description. And if you click on the thumb pic, you get to see the info.
It will be important to get up to date info by using these feeds. If you are able to add such feeds, you will be adding a lot of value and fun to .tel, and people will love .tel for offering such extra up to date info options.
However, you are on the right track and way: It is only a matter of the layout, now. And about when it can be added to telproxy.

tony mayo12-15-2009 01:18 AM

Thanks for your helpful comments. It's early days yet for .tel so it is useful to share ideas and work together whenever possible.
Let's hope 2010 will bring lots of exciting tools so that we can build on the work we have done over the past 6 months.

Gav12-15-2009 11:14 AM

Guys you all have some really great ideas, love reading about them.

I am bad really because I have loads of .tel that have just not been touched, I have so many projects on the go I just never get round to populating them

And the way 2010 is looking I will have even less time, as it looks as though I will be setting up another business in all my spare time.

Hopefully however I will get some of them populated and go from there.



Simon G12-17-2009 10:06 PM

I'd also like to see a rss to .tel feed. Does anyone know how its done on BigCity.tel?

I've listed a couple of trial rss links in scottish.tel but would love to have the facility to insert actual rss feeds into my .tels. Mark please let me know when you finish the "Rss to Tel feed ".

dottel.net12-18-2009 02:05 PM

simon - are you a developer or have access to a developer? telnic provide the samples for how to populate a tel and accessing/retrieving data from an rss feed is straight forward. You would then need this 'code' hosted somewhere.

mactel12-18-2009 02:17 PM

Take a sneak peek, about what other mobilits are doing:

I think, if we want to include more technical features, we should look, what already exists, in mobile technology. As we do not want to invent the wheel twice.

Please have a look here. There is a long list with interesting articles, you will have to scrawl, and scrwal, to see the whole spectrum:
I found this article:

And it shows what a mobile phone presence is offering for features:

Table: iPhone apps listed in recent WSJ (Wall Street Journal) ads (clockwise from upper left):

Personal Finance Theme // Small Business Theme
Helping you stretch your budget, one app at a time. // Helping you run your small business, one app at a time.
Date: 9 April 2009 // Date: 15 April 2009
Mint.com (PFM) // Credit card terminal
Gas Cubby (mileage tracker) // Print & share (document management)
Spotasaurus (parking finder) // FedEx Mobile
RepairPal (mechanic finder) // Jott (voice recording/transcription)
AllRecipes.com (recipe finder) // iXpenseIt (expense report mgmt)
GoodGuide (product finder) // Jobs - Time Tracking
WootWatch (cheap gadgets) // Analytics App (website analytics)
Save Benjis (shopping comparison) // LinkedIn
RN Dining (rewards dining) // LogMeIn (remote computer access)
Find an Apartment // YellowPages.com
Cellfire (mobile coupons) // Mint.com
Barista (how to guide) // Quicksheet (spreadsheet)
Wi-Fi finder // Air Sharing (file manager)
CompareMe (price calculator) // Nomina (name/trademark search)
Loan Shark (loan tool) // SimpleMind Xpress (brainstorming)
Small Spend (mini PFM) // Keynote Remote (presentation tool)

dottel.net12-18-2009 08:25 PM

reading between the lines mactel (apologies if i misunderstood what you're saying) - your saying we should basically leave tel for what its good at vs reinventing it into something it doesn't naturally do i.e. an rss feed reader. If so, I do agree as there are easier more suitable ways to read full rss feeds but the value would be to pull out one or two interesting articles from a feed and add to your tel to enhance your overall offering.

mactel12-18-2009 09:09 PM

Finance or business themes (that could include .tel domains) for iPhones
Finance or business themes (that could include .tel domains) for iPhones.

You missunderstand:
It is not about adding interesting articles from a feed to your tel, and:
There is no "natural thing". And .tel can not only "be good at something".
.tel is a experimental platform. And we can basically integrate any sort of features and functions. To see, what we could add, we must look at what exists within other mobile phone domains (mobile banking, mobile payment, mobile finance, etc.).
If we use .tel on a iPhone, we could only talk about apps, and figure out, what sort of apps would suite a theme on a iPhone (see my apps list in my other post).

Or, also: If you look at the "Small Business Theme" for iPhones, you could replace "YellowPages.com" by a dot tel directory (anyname.tel), and therefore you would be able to integrate dot tel domanins with the usage of iPhones for small businesses. Same thing, for the "Personal Finance Theme" (shown in the above example of the other post), where you could integrate a dot tel domain for providing apartments, instead of having the "Find an Apartment" whatever. It would be "findaapartment.tel", or the familiar "dialaroom.tel". 
Conclusion: Here, with the iPhone, you could basically integrate any existing dot tel service that a populated dot tel domain offers, and have it as a iPhone app, respectively, create a iPhone app with your whatever.tel service.

Of course, we should integrate rss feeds with .tel.
And many other usefull features.
But we must quasi "steal" technic and scipts, that already exist, and adapt them for the dot tel domain. But not write a script from scrap, when there is already one, that we can use as a basic, and only would have to modify it a little bit, so that we could use it for .tel. 
Save as much work as possible, and build upon what already exists, and use that for the the .tel dashboard / telproxy/.tel technology (add on's, implementations).

Conlusion 2:
We could create apps for .tel, but then again, .tel domains (different sectors) their selfs, could be apps within the iPhone, or any other new generation smart phone.

Well, I hope this helps, for a better understanding.
Basically, it is about figuring out, what there already is, for usage on mobile phones, and then go from there, and see, what we can use for integrating in .tel, from those existing features and functions (like they offer for mobile banking, and mobile payment systems, etc.).

And then, again, if there are loads of great and popupulated dot tel domain names, you could integrate those within a iPhone: Each iPhone app, is a dot tel domain, if you will. 
You simply get that idea, because there are finance or business themes for iPhones, so that you can do some business or finance tasks (money transfers, etc.) on your mobile phone, and use some other useful featuers, as well, that are integrated in a "banking theme" (see example in other post). If I have understood, what the finance or business themes for iPhones are about.

To simplify thinking, you could compare a business theme with a globalbusinesses.tel directoy. 
I understand, that a business theme for a smart phone is similar to a .tel business directory.
So, you just compare the both, and (....transform?) whatever app from a such a theme to a .tel domain, or to telproxy, for all .tel domains, or proceed vis versa, and make a .tel domain a app for a smart phone.

But don't crate new stuff: Just modify, what is already in use for smart phones, for .tel, or use .tel to integrate in smart phones. Anyway, is a good way, if you do it smart.

It's quasi self service for developers, from a big selection of existing mobile phone apps, that are used within themes for smart phones (business themes, finance themes, eco-themes, etc.).

Thank you.

Simon G12-23-2009 07:56 PM

DotTel.net thanks for that, No not a developer but good to know what is required.

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