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Payment Page For .tel Owners


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Payment Page For .tel Owners

Post by Telnic on Tue 30 Dec 2014, 12:46 pm

Gav02-16-2010 12:00 PM

Payment Page For .tel Owners

I am thinking of adding a Payment Page option to teltheworld.co.uk for .tel owners that do not have any websites or knowledge of designing a nice page to accept payments.

The payment page would be intergrated into teltheworld.co.uk website so that any one in the world who would like to be part of your directory/domain can add themselves and make a payment direct to you. Basically you would then recieve payment and all the details you need to add that person into your .tel domain through your control panel.

Each page would have all the boxes for them to fill in that you require. You will be able to add logos and what ever infomation you like.

It would be a one of fee to create the page ( probably around just £20 ) no hosting fees ect and it would make people wanting to add to your .tel look a lot more professional.

I am in the process of coding the pages at the moment.

Do you think this is a good idea ?



teltheworld02-16-2010 12:48 PM

Hi Gav

Sounds a great idea (not sure about the price?) but it would be nice if this were in two separate stages
as I would want to approve the content before I accepted payment, because one you have taken the money then it's 'game over'

JLouisBiz02-16-2010 12:54 PM

Idea is good to have, but how it works in reality, the future and your efforts will say.

Further, that looks like you would process payment or sell services for third party. So, it implies, you have to have a contract with the third parties too.

Here is what I could do:

1. We can place eg. one ad on each of subdomains and domains of ours, but also of third parties, the ad which will say only following: "Advertise Here", description and so on. No special link, simply one domain link with Perl CGI. You can use for same idea some other programming language then Perl.

2. Then the CGI or your server software, unique link, for example www.example.com/placeads would recognize the referred URL, it would eventually fetch its Title and maybe some text, and would offer PAYMENT PAGE for either: that particular subdomain or whole domain, and it would include placement position. They can enter their ad immediately on such payment page, press CHECKOUT and pay through merchant account. Ads would have expiry date, language, industry, priority and other characteristics.

3. Confirmation of payment, once submitted, would be sent back to our server, or your server, and ad would be placed based on the paid features: e.g. on all subdomains of the domain, or on the bunch of subdomains of various domains, or based by the language, industry, or even keywords, and on certain position as client has decided.

But in order to get bunch of Dot Tel clients, you would have to get either their usernames, or provide them means to actually publish those ads "Advertise Here".

Alternatively, you could simply slurp the list of domains and subdomains which you have either in database or elsewhere, on which you can sell ads, in contract with owners, and you could have directory of domains or one website where you sell such ads.

I am sending you teaser of my Dot Tel Ads description:


Then definition of single subdomains, which are by the way, entered automatically into the database. Once you enter domain accounts, into the offline database, there is script which automatically takes the updated list of subdomains and domains for the account and puts it into the database. Nice?


Finally, domains have 12 ad positions, and in the management, one can decide on the positions.


And there is the Thetabiz™ Massage, Massaging Dot Tel Domains since 2009, which provides command line powerful Dot Tel Advertising:


$ Massage
Supply domain name first.

Thetabiz (tm) Massage v0.1
Massaging Dot Tel Domains Since 2009.

Usage: /home/data1/protected/bin/Massage [switches] as following
  --domain=<domain>          Domain or subdomain
  --endpoint                  Show the endpoint of --domain <domain>
  --backup=<file>            Backup the domain into the <file>
  --consolidate              Consolidate ads into domain positions
  --remove                    Remove all consolidated ads from database of domains
  --ad=ID                    Place single ad with the ID on single domain
  --place_everywhere=ID      Place ad ID everywhere you can
  --listdbads                List all ads in the ThetaCRM/CMS/ERP database
  --listdomainads            List ads on the specific domain
  --listdomains              List all domains in the account
  --deleteone=ID              Delete one ad by its record ID, from domain or subdomain
  --deleteallads              Delete all ads from domain or subdomain
  --ignorelanguage            Ignore language settings
  --ignoreindustry            Ignore industry settings
  --ignorekeepempty          Ignore keepempty domain settings
  --ignoredeletefirst        Ignore deleting ads in the domain first
  --dontdo                    Don't do, just run without doing
  --help                      show this help

Gav02-16-2010 12:55 PM

Hi teltheworld.

Yes this could be done easily enough.

It could be made so that all the information is added and then you get to approve it first. 

You would then be able to send an invoice via the payment options you offer.

These payment options would also be included into your payment page so they know how to pay if there listing is successful.

Do you think a one of fee of £20 is to much ?

I thought it was quite resonable considering there would never be any hosting fees ect. 

Please let me know your thoughts


Should have an example page finished today

Gav02-16-2010 01:02 PM


Originally Posted by JLouisBiz (Post 5503)
Further, that looks like you would process payment or sell services for third party. So, it implies, you have to have a contract with the third parties too.

No I would have nothing to do with the payment at all, the .tel owners would, they would be able to send an invoice after accepting the listing.

Im just offering a page through my site where .tel owners can accept directory lisitings and payment should they wish to.

Howver after reading teltheworld post, I think that it is a good idea for them to send a separate invoice one the listing has been approved.



Gav02-16-2010 02:08 PM

Hi Guys

I have just setup a very basic page just to show you how it would look.

The idea for this is to setup an easy page for cutomers to add themselves into your directory.

You set the price, the field boxes, your company description, logo and payments you offer.

- No hosting fees

- Complete control over payments - as you invoice the customer direct.

- recommend this to a friend feature

Anyone interested on here just a one of fee of £10

It couldn't be simpler

Take a look at http://www.teltheworld.co.uk/telthew...ple-Only-.html

Kind Regards


teltheworld02-16-2010 04:18 PM

Hi Gav

Still a great idea and don't really think that £20 would be too much to ask, I am not speaking for everyone only for myself but the mounting expense of this .tel ride has not left me with much to splash out on extras but £10 would certainly tempt me to give it a go.

An idea to consider is to make the first one free, so at least we are then financed by the advertiser and then maybe a Tenner after that?

Certainly looks a promising idea though!

Gav02-16-2010 04:24 PM

Hi teltheworld

Sine you have posted to in this thread with your feedback and you have such a great forum name ( teltheworld :D) I will add you one for nothing.

Just drop us a pm and we will go from there.



teltheworld02-16-2010 05:00 PM

Hi Gav

Had loads of bad luck this week, so what can I say but 'Thank You' and PM'd as requested
as I can only award 5 stars, I would also like to award you an 'Unofficial' 20 out of 10!

Gav02-17-2010 12:11 AM

If anyone else would like a 100% free page setup please just make a post in the general board section of our forum with your .tel domain.

We will be giving 2 free spaces away.


Kind Regards


pink02-17-2010 12:12 AM

not bad but Is it not something that one can easily use payment option using paypal.com options?

I think one would trust a reliable and authentic payment processor who provide different advanced options to accept payments rather than some third party provider.

create subscriptions and put the links on site..rest it taken care by paypal.
there are some option field in the form to accept the text/content input from clients

Gav02-17-2010 12:21 AM

Hi Pink

My site offers .tel users to add a page within our directory so that users can add themselves without having to e-mail the owners like many do at present.

We have no control over the payment that is totally seperate and between the owner and the buyer, All im doing is adding the payment logos to there unique page which they accept for the listings.

Lots of .tel owners I would imagine do not know how to setup a page where businesses can add themselves.

All we are doing is trying to create a easier option for .tel owners who have no experience of web design ect.

It makes it more unique as you can add unlimited text about your business/logos/send option to friend ect.

It won't suit everyone, but Im sure there will be some people out there this may help.

I think I started the title of this thread wrong, as it is not a payment page but a page where businesses/individuals can upload all the information they need.

Hope this has explained myself better.

Kind Regards


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