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JV partners for existing .tel domain names.


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JV partners for existing .tel domain names.

Post by Telnic on Tue 30 Dec 2014, 1:08 pm

mactel04-04-2010 02:57 PM

JV partners for existing .tel domain names.
JV partners for existing .tel domain names.
Joint-venture solutions for existing .tel domain names.


Existing .tel domain name,
unpopulated, or

Costs for sharing business:
Participation for first year: 20 Euros, payable in advance. 
Participation for second year: Cost on request, according to business plan.

Privileges and rights of a partner:
Share ownership, temporarily or permanent.
Get acces details.
Ability to use and populate the domain.
Later sale of the domain only possible with mutual agreement of all JV partners.
Revenues, profits and earnings will be equally shared beteen all JV partners of a .tel domain (no matter how active the partner is, or how much he contributes to the site), as well as the ernings from related sites (which have for example a .tel contact page).

Amount of .tel names to select from: ca. 800.
Amount of related other extensions: ca. 1200 (domain families with sister sites).

green goods and services
eco goods and services
electric cars (DIY and networks)
residential power systems (renewable energy for home owners)
mobile, casino, poker, adult
storage technology
smoking lounges, electric cigarettes and cigars

Outlook possibilities: 
To share a domain name (inclusive .tel names).

Amount of sharing partners: 
Limited to 10 partners pro domain (.tel domain).

To populate webpages and websites, and to sell goods and services online, and later offline, as well.

Contact (domain list and other info):

About JV partners:

Kind regards,


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