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How to get organised and efficient with multiple .tel domains


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How to get organised and efficient with multiple .tel domains

Post by Telnic on Tue 30 Dec 2014, 1:08 pm

mactel04-04-2010 12:25 PM

How to get organised and efficient with multiple .tel domains
How to get organised and efficient with multiple .tel domains.
Organising your .tel domain- and other domain portfolio, and business activities. The following methods are also useful for populating and updating .tel domains. 

Multiple desktops, such as:
Multiple monitors and laptop panels and screens.

Within that real estate, you can create more real estate, such as:
Virtual desktops.

Furthermore, you can develope methods to interact between all desktops and their virtual desktops (the main desktops, as well as the virtual ones). 

But there is another thing to say:

The more complex procedurs are, the better it would be to use visualisation, such as icons and mind maps (mindmapping).
Basically a min map, will help you to optimise procedurs, concepts, and to keep a overview.

Finally, the one of the goals has to be, that you achieve to keep a overview picture of your consolidated activities. The pictures on your mind maps should be able to stay on your mind, as well.

And there is another thint to say: 

We have the screen, and we have paper. And how important is paper?:
Well however, you can't exclud paper, such as news papers, magazines, and papers for notes, drawings and mind maps.

It is nicer to read a news paper out of paper, than a online news paper. It is nice to use pens and pencils on big sheets of paper. 

After all my experiences and thoughts, I suggest to create mind maps on A3 format paper sheets, in addition to the information, lists and mind maps that you have stored on your hard disk drive, or on a external server.

There seems to be a other relaton between your paper drawings and maps, and your mind, than between what you visualize on a desktop, to bring it to your mind.

And I am not sure, which one actually „wins“, and is more „mind friendly“, paper or electronic information. But I know that much: It is more efficient to use both methods, and even interact between them. Like to copy a paper mind map to a electronic version, and to copy a electronic version to a paper version. Or to interact beween both methods to enlarge or complete your mind map (adding more branches with content).

Multitasking between desktops, this way, is probably most ideal for multi .tel domains, as you have to work with a lot of contact information, and do a lot of cross-linking, and interacting.
You are less likely to miss out or oversee opportunities to create relations between .tel domains.

Final conclusion:
Whatever you do with multiple desktops and mind maps for efficient domaining and online business: The usage of those helpers, are to help you get the right picture in your mind.
As your mind is often indipendant from your computer(s) and the virtual world wide web. 
And last, but not least, the information that you have stored on your mind, has to serve to communicate, when you do not have additional support from screens and mind maps. For example, when you are somewhere on the go, just with your mobile phone, but have to communicate for your business(es). All storage for your brain, happens when you sleep. That is why you should always get enough sleep. Otherwhise your brain would not be able to store all information, maps and concepts, that you have worked out on your computer and paper. It shall always be: From screen and paper to mind. 
Furthermore, your mind will be another source of information to interact with your domain concepts, constellations and portfolio management: What you might not be able to see straightaway on one of your desktops, you might be able to retrieve from your mind-picture, and so get a instant overview of a complex situation.

pink04-04-2010 03:39 PM

Mactel, good informative article
good going.

Always remember, one should be focused to achieve the results

mactel04-04-2010 04:18 PM

Thank you, Pink, for your kind feedback.

There is a conflict between focussing on one thing, and having to manage a lot of things quasi at the same time, by multitasking and using a lot of windows, desktops and screens.

It is right, to focus on one domain. And so I suggest to delegate and give work to other people (earnings to share, only if profits are made).
I prefere to only supervise and instruct people (freelancers), than to maintain a website my self. Or to find equal business partners for developing a site.

Multitasking would be for domain management and for making concepts, and for controlling, and focussing should be made possible for creating quality websites and telpages.
Quality is related to focus.
Mass administration for managing and controlling.

It is either "mass" or "focus" at one given time, but it is clear, that you can't do both, and so you might want to do mass, focus, mass, focus, mass, focus, and so on.
Basically, I prefere to do mass, and just a little focus, but supervise, whoever is focusing on one of my domains, and doing all the "nitty gritty work".

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