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Buy gold and don't waste money on copper!


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Buy gold and don't waste money on copper!

Post by Telnic on Tue 30 Dec 2014, 1:25 pm

maximka05-07-2010 10:41 PM

Buy gold and don't waste money on copper!
Mactel, I think that sales topics are not the right place for discussion, so I place my post here.


Originally Posted by Blogger (Post 8765)
With respect MacTel these are not premium domains.


Originally Posted by paulza (Post 8768)
I am agree with Bill.
FYI mactel … mega - ultra - premium - top .Tel domains are keywords, 1-word domains. There are no any at your list.


Originally Posted by mactel (Post 8769)
Hi Bill, and Paulza,
Thank you so much, for your feedback.
I guess that a good domain name with "eco", or "green", could be very valuable to a company, or to make a directory.
And about cash- and gamer sites: 
Is mabe "cashgames" more important for someone, than just "cash"?

Mactel, now it is still possible to find some 1-word English nouns. Then they will be over, then will come time for 2-word domains. So, by my mind, instead of collecting or renewing names, which will be still available after year or two, better try now to pick up 1-word English nouns for your portfolio. Because the time when real premium names are still available, will ends soon and you will have no “gold”, only “silver” or "copper". Don't waste your money on silver or copper, when your can buy gold for the same price. It is IMHO – my two pences.[/size]

mactel05-07-2010 11:50 PM

Hi Maximka,
I understand your view.

I only have registered names, that I have created my self. I plan to help make the world better and greener, so that is why I chosed a lot of such names. I am not after "gold names", but after names, that I can make gold with, and be green, at the same time. Not by selling, but by populating. It must be focused on sutainability. 
Of corse, gaming, casino, adult, etc., are not in that category. Those are to make quick money. 
From that point of view, everything that you my call silver or bronze, I call gold. And what may be considered as gold, might be seen by me, as bronze. 

It is hard to understand some names, if you are a "outsider" to the "eco" and "green" revolution. But I did a lot of reasearch, and appreciate the names that I have.

Furthermore, it is not so, that "names will be still available after year or two": I did see, that if I did not take a name that I put on my "wishlist", it was gone, within a few months.


maximka05-08-2010 08:46 AM

Mactel, it is your money and it is your right to spend them in a way you like.:)

ecofarm.tel is free.

Bunjie05-08-2010 09:33 AM

If we are talking about ECO things and how .tel can help the poor, how about that guy who made a wind turbine in The Republic of Malawi in Africa? out of junk and became a celebrity.

William Kamkwamba had a dream of bringing electricity and running water to his village. Would it not be cool for him to have links to images and plans on a .tel telling people who only have access to a mobile how to make one?

And more about him? Kamkwamba.tel ?



mactel05-08-2010 11:00 AM

Thanks, Bunjie, for the info.
Quote from the BBC article:
"Many, including my mother, thought I was going crazy," he recalls. "They had never seen a windmill before."
And I say:
"Many thought it was usesless, they had never seen a Dot Tel domain before."

About windpower: Greece might be glad to have it...


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