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Telfriends Publishing


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Telfriends Publishing

Post by Telnic on Tue 30 Dec 2014, 1:37 pm

Bunjie06-17-2010 09:00 PM

Telfriends Publishing
Does anyone know when that function will be introduced so people can submit there data and have it published on .tels they friend?

Aled06-17-2010 09:28 PM

Can you explain what you mean further? Are you requesting that you be able to populate the contact information of .tels who are friends with?

Bunjie06-17-2010 09:41 PM

When someone friends say furry.tel they are allowed to view extra information.

Their Telfriends has a profile info page that lists some data I'm not sure but it's some basic information, password e.t.c it's been a while since I checked. 

Would it be possible to allow them to add more information to their Telfriends profiles and then pick a .tel to "friend" which would then allow more input boxes to appear on their Telfriends profile based on what information my .tel allows to be listed and click a tick box to request to be included in that .tel. 

For instance kobalt-willard joins Telfriends, he adds his profile information on his Telfriends.

He then sends a friend request to furry.tel, I receive the request and see that hes requested to be added under http://kobalt-willard.furry.tel 

I accept and more boxes appear on his Telfriends, with titles I have picked.

It then auto populates his profile data from Telfriends. on to my .tel under http://kobalt-willard.furry.tel or a sub domain I manually edit when his request arrives.

kobalt-willard then has the power to update his profile on my .tel without needing me, by adding data to his Telfriends profile.

He can then request to be delisted or hide information or add information though the Telfiriends profile setup page.


And when he adds his email it auto masks with my .tel email address with a forwarder, it and loads it up as kobalt.willard.furry.tel into the profile on my .tel

As for people who friend my .tel I should be able to set them as "Admins" and have access to post notes under .tel sub domains,

Example : people go to http://second-life.furry.tel they then go to http://news.second-life.furry.tel and find a list of news in note form. That has either been added by me or by a Telfriend who I have set as an admin and allowed to publish to that sub domain.

With dates.

Example: I list a virtual club http://rainbow-tiger.furry.tel Mirr Watanabe is the manager she has friended my .tel and added the information and I have set her as allowed to publish notes under http://news.rainbow-tiger.furry.tel

When marking a .tel sub domain as for news and publishing it should automatically setup populate sub domains in preparation on a date basis.

Example: Year http://2010.news.second-life.furry.tel month http://07.2010.news.second-life.furry.tel dayhttp://17.07.2010.news.second-life.furry.tel

Aled06-18-2010 08:21 AM

I see, so you are talking about allowing 3rd parties to publish on your .tel. I don't think such functionality fits well with TelFriends for two reasons:

- TelFriends is about Privacy rather than publishing
- Many of the .tel owners who would be interested in such functionality would be directory owners, who would also be looking to take payments for listings.

For these reasons it seems that a separate tool would be the best solution. I believe that there are 3rd party developers who are waiting for the introduction of Open Auth so that such tools can be created and made available.

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