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Killer application for DNS stored data


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Killer application for DNS stored data

Post by Telnic on Tue 30 Dec 2014, 1:39 pm

.tel06-30-2010 10:40 PM

Killer application for DNS stored data

our issue with .tel today, different people bought .tel for different reasons- therefore there is a multitude of opinions, as STEL wrote.
We should concentrate onto the one and only unique feature. I guess the only exclusive attribute is that our data are stored directly into DNS. 
Each application can query such data, the whole data structure (ERM) is well-known and consistently.
But what is the killer application for such given data structure? 
In example a native .tel dialer directly build into Android, Windows Mobile, iPhone , Symbian , Blackberry etc.) and not provided over an extra APP!
Dial telnic.tel instead +442074676450. Just a quick DNS resolution is necessary. 
Another possibility, enter telnic.tel into your GPS satnav and a DNS resolution request could provide the geo coordinates back.
At a web store just provide your .tel domain instead to enter all address data etc. 
(build in encryption could be an necessary extension here, so that the .tel domain owner need to authenticate to the web store.) 
I do not believe that .tel will have success as a common search engine. Google, Bing, etc. will always two steps ahead.
Today the DNS data store feature is our advantage against any other, as long as i.e. Google gets .google as TLD… 
My proposal would be to contact Steve Jobs directly (He is the trendsetter) and ask to build such native .tel dialer into the iPhone. 
However Steve wants always to make money therefore you need to offer him as trade-off a profit participation. 
i.e. each time a .tel domain dialed the FIRST TIME over an iPhone TELNIC could pay Apple 5 USD. In other words per .tel domain ones. But just for .tel domains these are registered after the feature is available. The ROI for Telnic would be the renewal fee. 
Just the first time and just for the second level domain not sub domains! 
Do not try to offer him less than this 5 USD. He's a brain-driven person therefore he will directly multiply the 5 USD value…
I guess you will have just one try. You can easily increase the registration fee but please keep the renewal fee as it is.
And who knows maybe we will see at the next iPhone a .tel key/button. So you need just enter telnic and press the .tel key. 


spline07-01-2010 12:46 PM

Very good points. Though $5 is way to much And its technically difficult to make. 

You are right. As soon as you enter a .tel to dial straight from a phone and it looks up the phone numbers. .Tel will be the thing to have. 

They should approach every single phone manufacturer such as Nokia, Sony E, etc until someone does it.

And we should also continously ask for it.

Bunjie07-01-2010 01:56 PM

I'm not paying apple $5 every time, whats the point of .tel if I have to pay others to use it? 

I always thought iPhone would be the must have for me, but I waited too long and now I think I'm turning more to the Android type the Google? ones or something. I think they have more to offer and aren't locked down like we're children who aren't allowed to play with our toys.

Apple will only embrace .tel when it's mainstream, that's the problem no company is going to entertain anything until .tel has a large market share of users that they can absorb money off .tel themselves.

So I guess the trick is to get enough people using .tel that makes perfect business sense, for any company to invest a little in some interactive .tel development to make sure it's market/customers are kept happy.

I don't understand what your saying about the $5 really....

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