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Telpages search


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Telpages search

Post by Telnic on Tue 30 Dec 2014, 1:48 pm

aliencafe08-03-2010 03:45 AM

Telpages search
Telnic: what is being searched on Telpages.com?

What are the top terms searched and what sites are getting traffic from this?

One of the reasons I ask is telpages.co
Is ranked high on Alexa.com in China, I'm wondering what people are searching for?


Bunjie08-03-2010 04:36 AM

Can is chinese I believe, perhaps he can give you some enlightenment on what he thinks they are searching for?

From the looks of things they tend to go to other search sites, similar to Telpages.com but country specific directory's, so I'd guess they didn't find what they wanted nic.tel is downstream so if you focus on that you can get an idea of a few things.

Looks like they want telpages.cn which makes sense as they don't understand English or don't want English, and of which does not exist so perhaps telnic should buy the domain and do something with it language specific.

I think they expect the Google effect, the country specific entry .cn due to the need to censor results in such a country.

Telpages.cn is not taken. and probably should be approached by Telnic if they want the China traffic.


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