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Control Panel Update ETA?


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Control Panel Update ETA?

Post by Telnic on Tue 30 Dec 2014, 1:55 pm

Bunjie08-16-2010 03:53 AM

Control Panel Update ETA?
We're not going to rush you with any more developments, as this is a major one could we get an estimated time of arrival on the Control Panel Update?

Should we expect the framework sometime around December? or the first quarter of 2011? we don't mind because it's important not to have any bugs or to be rushed, it's just we don't have much left on the Road map to watch for.

Bunjie08-16-2010 03:59 AM

If anyone has any ideas for Telnic about what should be added to the new improved control panel, perhaps you could post it below? it will give us more chance of getting what's needed across to Telnic.

I would like to see:

  1. Integrated Telnic News updates or Tweets.
  2. Integrated Telnic suggestions voter.
  3. Integrated TelStats Statistic's
  4. Blockable embedded website Integration - (To block specific sites from using this tool, with our .tel data, e.g. Link).
  5. Blockable website referrers - (To block specific sites from referring from their websites, with our .tel data links).
  6. New Themes & upgraded Themes - (Themes with a more feathered feel and less static). eg: Link
  7. Application App Groups - (To allow web apps to set people a passive Iphone, android, Ipad, e.t.c group, so links can be specific to user+app via hidden data).
  8. Recapture on login if failed more then 4 times, (To prevent automated bots - attempting to crack our control panel access, e.g. Link)
  9. Auto set Sub domain Types - (To rapidly populate corresponding sub pages, e.g for micro blogging? by date Link main e.g.Link).
  10. Fixed Username - (To remove Username from the tag, and allow clickable masked links).
  11. BB Code - (To give us some styling with text http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BBCode).
  12. Time automated profiles - (To give us a hands off approach to switch profiles, so it knows when we work and when we're not).
  13. Digimi avatars (I know Telnic is reluctant, but avatars are a major part of the communications revolution, and no one does it better than DAZ3D who are world leaders.).
  14. Ability to change side info ad box - (Add images & switch to rounded corners).
  15. Ability to switch on "Telnic" hosted widgets for the side info ad box - (All cool widgets developers can sell through Telnic).
  16. Abilitys for adult .tel profiles - (To have a Pre-load page to warn user it's adult and gives a remember cookie, as well as ability to switch on parental filter, to flag domain to such web filters as Adult to comply with such laws.)
  17. Custom integrated Google maps - (e.g. Telnic site shows a Google Map with a list of all registered .tel domains food related).
  18. Integrated Status feature - (status.telnic.org, same as news but to let us know the overall health of the service and load on DNS and any planned Downtime or service updates).
  19. Ability to add custom RSS feeds - (As where normal websites and other services expect them to be, within the page code, e.g I can hide an RSS of my data inserted into http://portfolio.furrie.tel from a custom script, so people can get updates of what I add, not as a messy public weblink).
  20. Ability to store hidden notes - (Stored hidden notes, that don't show as hidden notes but show as a "integrated" notepad feature, but secretly hide them on the .tel DNS, so developers e.t.c can easy paste notes on code & progress on a per sub domain state.)
  21. Display of last known login IP & data - check your Google inbox at bottom "Last account activity: 11 hours ago on this computer. Details" click details and you see "Activity on this account
    This feature provides information about the last activity on this mail account and any concurrent activity. Learn more".

  22. Ability to change advert box wording - (To change sponsored links, to any desirable word, and allow automatic insert of latest tweet or other such data, if set to Twitter).


1. Is needed so people & companies who don't have time to come to the forums, can read and follow news.
2. Is needed so people & companies who don't have time to come to the forums, can vote on features.
3. Is needed so people & companies who don't have the ability or time to develop from TelStats can get quick stats.
4. Is needed in case certain websites attempt undesirable blog posts with embedded website integration tool.
5. Is needed in case certain websites referrers drive undesirable traffic, and while they can be faked it's worth it to catch the ones that can't.
11. Is needed in case certain companies or people want to display alternate profiles automatically when they are not able to provide services at certain times, without needing to pay someone to switch it or develop scripts for that single purpose.

If you like any idea I have posted, and are unable to post or reply please do add to my forum reputation meter, by clicking this link
http://telnic.org/forum/reputation.php?p=10580 It helps Telnic know your interested in this posts content.[/size]

Bunjie08-16-2010 05:16 AM

I reached the 5000 character limit above, so I will continue below.
More things I would like to see:

  1. Integrated Telnic IRC channel - (So developers can talk and offer advice to normal users).
  2. Ability for .tel control panels to receive Telfriends data - (So developers can set data they accept and have it submitted and published, through Telfriends custom pages based on what .tel they have friended).
  3. Integrated Telnic Developer Wiki - (So developers don't need to leave the control panel to search and post to the one on the site).
  4. Integrated Telnic virtual currency - (So users and managers can trade work, and place virtual "currency" in a hold status to be paid after a time limit has been set - or retracted if a dispute arises through a Telnic dispute process, so users can pay other .tel users who can cash it out to paypal, which would open a market on mobile payment).
  5. Integrated Reputation - (So users can develop a reputation meter, based on feedback from other .tel users/services e.t.c).
  6. Ability for Openid or Oath check on Telnic forum - (As a quick way to get legitimate .tel owners registered and talking).
  7. Ability to switch on a share this link - (A share this link under the print this link, so individual sub domains can be shared on sites).
  8. Ability for designers to sell Themes - (Submit designs corresponding to a set criteria, of page load or layout, and sell through Telnic while Telnic takes a % cut to help reduce the cost running the DNS and intern perhaps reduce the cost of owning a .tel.)
  9. Ability to use Oath management - (To manage someone elses .tel domain through our own control panel).
  10. Ability to change fave icon - (Either to have our own fave icon, or to have a new updated one with out the white box edge).

  11. Ability to add hidden Service codes - (So people can added services like Google webmaster as a "friend" who has access to just see the code).
  12. Ability to add Quantcast code - (So people can give an accurate definitive and none faked public stats, to people interested to buy).
  13. Ability to add Author "extra" tags - (So we can give such services that spider the .tel the ability to know the owner or content admin, as well as opt out of such services like Dmoz).

  14. Ability to add Robots txt and site map - (So we can give such services that spider the .tel the ability to know the pages to be removed from Google or not to be indexed).
  15. Ability to park a domain - (And allow Telnic or the Registrar to sell sub domains on it).
  16. Ability to display a Verified Account IMAGE - (As we have with Twitter http://twitter.com/help/verified to show it's the person or company you think it is.).
  17. Ability to add referrer id on Powered by Telnic link - (So Telnic and other users can see a page at Telnic site with a ladder board, for referrals who joined the forum or bought a .tel domain + potential to make "virtual" currency from it).


4. Would encourage developers and users to offer work, with a secure means of making sure the work was satisfactory before transferring money, and would build a work/trade economy around .tel. Much more potential than other dot domains who must visit 3rd party websites and trust random people.

4. Would allow people to pay charity's quickly and simply in a disaster emergency situation, and send funds to particular accounts based on what they set up for "each" type of "profile" emergency request.

4. Would allow people to receive money if abroad and unable to wait for funds to clear in other ways.

4. Telnic would have to hire a specialist in fraud & scam detection, and develop scripts that made sure all applicable laws where complied with.

10. web services and peoples bookmarks use this link, to distinguish web pages and as standard right now it looks terrible

16. Is important to combat fraud, especially with charity organizations, study's have shown people pay and trust sites more who have gone through a verification procedure, by viewing it's corresponding image confirmation on the site with a click link behind to show "extra" information it would validate and build confidence around domains, services & company's who use .tel. Whois can be faked manual validation can't.

If you like any idea I have posted, and are unable to post or reply please do add to my forum reputation meter, by clicking this link
http://telnic.org/forum/reputation.php?p=10582 It helps Telnic know your interested in this posts content.[/size]

nadya08-16-2010 12:10 PM

This is quite a detailed list that will take time to process - thank you very much for your ideas and the time putting this together. 

Unfortunately, we cannot give you an ETA for the new control panel Beta as we're now scoping the initial release. In order to deliver the update in a reasonable time frame, we will need to agree on a set of core functions that will make it into the initial update, with further updates in a series of releases, effectively creating a new roadmap. Once the deliverables are clearly set, we'll hopefully be able to communicate more details to the community.

    Current date/time is Mon 19 Feb 2018, 1:13 am