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Taking the rocket science out of building a web presence



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Taking the rocket science out of building a web presence

Post by Alex on Thu 28 Jun 2012, 9:27 am

“Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”
Albert Einstein’s three rules of work

At Telnames, we see a huge gap in the market still needing to be addressed when it comes to small businesses marketing themselves online. This is borne out by the fact that there are still so many small businesses (both here in the UK and around the world) without their own online presence. Add to that, brands of all shapes and sizes are without mobile-ready sites. All these are missing out on tapping into a vast potential audience waiting for simple content in a mobile-ready format.

In our view, the mismatch is generated by a gap in the products and services on offer in our industry and the real requirements of small businesses. In most cases, they’re either paying for technology they don’t need as they don’t use 95% of the functionality or they’re simply not using those products and services at all, missing out completely. Effectively, the choice today is either to pay for services padded with functionality they won’t use, or spend time and effort on third party sites which are free but which can then change direction at the drop of a hat (think Facebook Timeline), causing huge headaches.

We’re following Einstein’s three principles of work to try to achieve the goal of helping anyone get benefit out of owning and using a domain name; taking the rocket science out of the process and putting the rocket fuel back into marketing your business.

Firstly, we’ve simplified the product and the distribution in order to help our small business and professional customers really get what they need out of the internet. They simply need to be found by searchers, need to display the essential content and connect with potential customers in whichever way is convenient (such as a phone call, email or through social media). They also need to own their own presence in order to be in control of their brand, reputation and connection with their customers.

Secondly, recognizing that the world has moved on from 1990’s-style Flash-based websites that no longer work on many mobile devices, we’ve slimmed the content down dramatically. Busy sites do not engage, people have a low attention span and threshold for marketing speak. Simple tools such as use of video are much more engaging and template-based interaction (think Facebook or LinkedIn pages, Pinterest or Tumblr) are based around engaging content, not push marketing any more. Many small businesses are learning how to use Twitter to tweet events and offers. Twitter users like the convenience and brevity of the 140 character message limit. The last thing they want to link to is a heavy multi-page web site with tricky navigation especially from mobile phones. A link to a single page that displays all the essential stuff on first view is much more appealing.

So we’ve focused our customers on what they need to show and on what works, both for customers and search engines. It’s no longer the case that a small business needs to ‘look’ like a big business online; instead, authenticity and engagement sells. If customers like you and what you do, they’ll buy.

Thirdly, the other issue is that a busy and big site just won’t work in a mobile scenario. Your customer is now more likely than ever to be reaching out to you from a smart phone and there’s a 50/50 chance they’re on a budget when doing so. All they want to do is contact you, in a simple, low cost and quick way. An excellent user experience for both customers and end users on the move is essential in this increasingly time-poor environment.

If you’re reading this and are like 99.9% of us with a basic level of skills, the products that address these requirements are either not affordable or are not simple. That’s not surprising, as the domain name industry was set up by, and is really designed to serve, those people with technical aptitude and money.

That’s the gap that we’re intending to address, providing the opportunity for small businesses to invest wisely, at a sustainable level, in a simple self-service online solution that positions them clearly and professionally to their potential customer. It’s easy, quick and cheap, but also lightweight and agile, delivering an excellent user experience. We think this is a huge barrier to revenue generation and social mobility, so we’re aiming to fix that at Telnames.

You don’t need to be Einstein to use Telnames. Unlike the mid-90’s, getting what you need on a budget with which you feel comfortable in order to make your business stand out online is no longer rocket science. So, rather than master the theory of relativity, we hope we’ve taught you something more useful to apply in the real world from Einstein!

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."
Albert Einstein

Source: Telnames (see here)


I have left TelTalk.org. Please contact the new forum owner tel.community instead!

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The future of .Tel explained by Telnames

Post by mikeseaton on Mon 02 Jul 2012, 9:20 am

- see http://tel-names.tumblr.com

No more questions - it's pretty clear if you read the June 28 post !


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