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Augmented Reality Business Card


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Augmented Reality Business Card

Post by Telnic on Tue 30 Dec 2014, 2:05 pm

Bunjie10-21-2010 03:09 PM

Augmented Reality Business Card
ActionScript developer James Alliban has himself one of the most impressive business cards you will ever see. It uses augmented reality to generate a 3D video that can be manipulated on screen.


I don't think its hard to leap from embedding a 3d avatar into .tel > and then having a normal business card pull it up and out on webcam or a projection flat screen, like hes done there. Imagine you had one that was better 3D and you hovered it over items in RL to "grab tag" the data URL of lest say a coat then went to a projection screen, with a camera, waved your card to try that on without bothering going into a changing room. 

Theirs so much fun you can have with that kind of technology heck you could even use augmented reality play games by having your character fight another's while standing on your RL business card. Imagine Japan with a RL card that pulled your AV from .tel and did a polite bow as you hand it over that others can see on screens behind them or around them.

Imagine Japans card games like where they collect monsters or play D&D, played between a thin flat screen and fighting as 3D characters in augmented reality on the table cards, a developer could pull data from .tel if they had a range of stored avatars.

All you would need is a wifi device pulling the card data from .tel in say a circular flat screen around the middle of a game table.

.tel lists everything as links and as "normal" .tels have 3000/30,000 link capacity? well theirs room to have a fixed hidden link inventory that link to XML of objects, textures e.t.c or other such things.

Do you want to know how much data an object in Second Life is in XML? I have a prototype ceiling-fan that's only 360KB and other things can be compacted even smaller.

For 3D professionals who model things it would be a cool add on to be able to flick through their objects to flash them on screens to show employers or work colleagues on webcam and other such things.

.tel can be great if your just willing to invent and dream.

dotteler10-21-2010 04:11 PM

I posted about AR a couple of weeks ago and nada, zip, not one response about it.
I thought an AR enabled server showing .tel links would rock.
I guess it plays to the total disinterest in the domain.

Simon G10-21-2010 07:14 PM

Dotteler, I replyed to your thread and expressed my opinion did you see it? If I missinterpreted your thoughts please expand on them. As it would be interesting to exchange ideas to work out what would be possible or not. My understanding of this technology is extremely limited so far.

Bunjie the above link is extremely cool. I'm interested in this, how would one manage to do this with a dot tel if it was possible? If hidden xml links were in .tels would this not open up .tel to abuse? ie virus etc.

Cees10-21-2010 07:52 PM

Guys I'm impressed, deeply impressed, I have however extremely limited technical capabilities and I'm sure I'm not alone, is it possible that the perceived lack of interest by members may be due in some respects that some people are intimidated because they can't comprehend the complexity.
I had a look at Bunjie's links, everyone should take the trouble, thanks Bunji.

dotteler, would you be able to repost your post?

dotteler10-22-2010 04:29 PM

New mobile browser for AR: Layar Video

dotteler10-22-2010 04:32 PM

How would AR benefit .tel?
Imagine standing on a city sidewalk and being able to simply point your smartphone at a business or building and be able then to simply click to dial the phone number of that business.
I thought this would excite the .tel community because of the unique potential the contact directory could add to this type of browser.

Cees10-22-2010 08:57 PM

Must have missed that interesting post, thanks dotteler.
I'm assuming that only information stored in their data base is available in this manner, limiting the very impressive usefulness.
Looking ahead, would this technology be negated by people opting out of google street view as is currently happening in Germany by a large % of the community.

dotteler10-23-2010 03:49 PM

It's not street view, it's embedded in the device viewer.

Cees10-23-2010 08:13 PM

If the device isn't able to capture a clear picture and I assume it needs this as a minimum, how does it translate the information, my understanding is that "layers" depends on meta data and co-ordinates to perform it's magic.
Be patient with me dotteler I'm only learning:)

dotteler10-24-2010 04:26 PM

The layer is served and coordinated to the geo location, from my understanding. The picture is not important.. it's the location.

Cees10-24-2010 07:30 PM

dotteler, thanks for the explanation
I'm showing my ignorance here, but given that at this point in time pinpointing the exact location can still be a few metre's off, is it possible that I may be calling my intended target's neighbour?

dotteler10-24-2010 07:35 PM

if the neighbor has an AR enabled website, their number will show up, as I understand it.
there are efforts underway to pinpoint location more accurately. my point re: a .tel directory showing is that you can drill down to find the right number. imagine pointing at a large building.. there would be a lot of choices represented.
click to connect is certainly only a small aspect of this technology.

marimax10-25-2010 12:51 AM

Few days ago I saw a presentation of a Goole phone ( I forgot where) and a similar function.
How it works is you point your phone camera on a building or a store,restaurant , business, click on it and in a second you get all information about it.

Simon G10-27-2010 12:56 PM

From what I understand, AR on smart phones use both the accelerometer and GPS/AGPS to work out the position and the device orientation. 

An interesting example of this is the twitter layer on LAYAR. Where anyone who has a georeferenced twitter account can be shown on it. This can show not only the rough location as a marker but also distance and time last updated.

There is no reason why a .tel layer or layers could not be created and people could look through this to check for info (not only directions/location/contact details) such as happy hour times or special drinks deals etc. Or indeed see that people that are .tel friends with you are in certain places aslong as they had updated there loc record.

dotteler10-27-2010 03:18 PM

This is what I've been saying.. a .tel enabled layar or other AR browser has a lot of potential.

spline10-27-2010 11:00 PM

But since .tel allready do contain the coordinate info its up to an AR program to check if there is any .tel data on a certain location?

Though I do really think that .tel could also contain a link to a 3d avatar. 
It does not have to contain/store the avatar data since this could be loaded in by the AR viewer?

The AR viewer just need to be able to read the link, and this could be a QR code that you just print on a business card or check if the .tel has a link to an 3d avatar.

So I´m not sure what telnic should focus on here?

Should they create an AR viewer for .tel businesscards? That support reading a 3d format?

dotteler10-28-2010 04:42 AM

It's bridging the viewer to .tel records. The QR code you mention really offers enormous potentials.
Any item could have a linkable page. Click to connect world we're living in and moving toward could be well positioned to utilize a .tel enabled AR browser.
http://layar.com is one out right now. Imagine a .tel button appearing where you could click to connect with whatever it was. A building might have one logo to represent the directory for the whole place versus a cloud of .tel logos appearing. That's the power of merging .tel into this platform.. it streamlines the data entry into this environment, categorizes it, and basically creates an easy way to integrate and populate it. If a .tel owner can 'tweet' to .tel or easily post, ad, or send out information in real time that was 'broadcast' to the layar.. it's real time advertising, etc.
I love the QR idea for animals.. their tags or collars like the example of the .tel name printed. Point is: anything could be represented with a geo based .tel.
Real Estate, cars for sale, anything that could hold a QR code and could be identified in the AR environment.. I just don't think we've quite imagined yet what could be.
Of course, I'm easily impressionable.. but I do think this is the big moment I predicted just a couple months ago.

Blunderer10-28-2010 03:07 PM

Just to come back to earth for a minute, how can I get Google Maps to show that there is a .tel site(s) available at a particular city/town/address?

Every entry in www.chagford.tel has a map location but they don't show on the map when accessed through a search engine.

Is it only Google keyword promoted sites that are displayed?

marimax10-28-2010 10:59 PM

This terrify me.
Th e whole idea of.tel was to be simple and easy to operate and now it looks like .tel is going towards becoming a very complicated process for an average person like me and many others.
If I have to hire a computer programmer to upload and operate my .tel site I am out.
I'll have to dump my entire portfolio of .tel domains if this is the direction .tel will take and I am afraid .tel will be a failure.
It will be a nice toy for a computer geeks and number of registered .tel domains will keep on droping until it get to the point that the whole business is uneconomical to operate and it will be the end of it.

maximka10-29-2010 10:44 AM

I personally think that the development of TEL goes in a right direction. I think that idea of its developers is to leave it to be as simple as possible for those customers who want only to use it as a "phone number, which consists of letters, not of numbers, and which has some additional functions", and at the same time to leave possibilities for fans of TEL to "develop" it to something more. 

TEL is an easy thing - and the impression of TEL being something very complicated sometimes came to me not after using it, but after reading in this forum some posts about it.

But it is not a fact but only the wrong impression. I neutralize this in a very simple way: if I found that I do not understand clearly what a post-maker want to say in his message from the very first two sentences of that his message, when I usually leave such posts and topics without reading them further.


Originally Posted by marimax (Post 11345)
I'll have to dump my entire portfolio of .tel domains...

If one day you will really decide to do this, before doing this, please, sent me (to the email in one of my TELs) the list of domains you want to drop, and may be I will buy something (for money which compensate your expenses for chosen domains).


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