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DMOZ.org Submission


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DMOZ.org Submission

Post by Telnic on Tue 30 Dec 2014, 2:10 pm

mikeseaton11-05-2010 12:37 AM

DMOZ.org Submission

Originally Posted by Cees (Post 11461)
Re dmoz.org, is that still worthy of consideration, I was going to run this past some of the more esteemed members on the forum for an opinion, however since you mentioned it.
Can you comment, I submitted a .tel a while back, am still waiting for a response, I'm aware this can actually take months (many), the speed is more steam rather than digital age.

New thread started here to avoid going off-topic on old thread.

Hi Cees,

DMOZ.org is great if you can get listed in it - I've used it to grow traffic to DotCom sites in the past - though I've never tried submitting a DotTel.

You do have to be patient (it's all edited by volunteers) and sometimes wait a few months to get your site included. Only high quality sites (as perceived by the volunteer editor) are allowed in. The current stats are:

4,760,027 sites - 89,040 editors - over 1,000,704 categories 

The important thing about http://www.dmoz.org is that they allow software developers to take their directory content and develop their own framework around it (using their own domain name) - and monetise it with advertising.

So what happens once (or "If" I should say) you get accepted is that you suddenly find 1-way links (so much better than reciprocal links) to your site from various sites (in numerous countries) that have used the base DMOZ data. This gives your site link juice as well as traffic directly from these DMOZ-based sites.

But it actually gets better than that - since search engines such as Google check whether your site is listed in http://www.dmoz.org- if it is your ranking in their SERPS will improve.

You can achieve top rankings in search engines without your site being listed in http://www.dmoz.org - but it does make it easier and quicker and it's totally free.

A few tips based on my experience with DMOZ:

1. Take great care in choosing an accurate category - they like you to drill down to the lowest level possible.

2. Never submit to a category where it says at the bottom "Volunteer to edit this category". What will happen is the submission request will then wait until a reviewer who is responsible for another category has the time (and inclination) to look at it.

3. If you are having problems finding a category with a named volunteer do a search at http://www.dmoz.org for the keywords that are relevant to your site - with every site returned you will see the category that it is located in.

4. Be patient and allow at least 2 months before resubmitting - over-submission will likely lead to rejection.

5. Don't give up too easily - provided your site is a quality site that offers a good user experience you should get in eventually.

6. If all else fails, become a DMOZ volunteer yourself, though obviously this could turn out to be a somewhat time-consuming occupation depending on the category's popularity.

Best of luck with your effort to get listed.

Mike Seaton[/size]

Cees11-05-2010 06:13 AM

Thanks a lot Mike for taking the time.
I didn't know if they were still relevant,I thought I'd give it a try to see if it's worth it, they don't make any promises, however I'll give it another month or so, they do warn you! Should be interesting if they do accept my submission though.

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