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Telstra lost copyright over Yellow Pages


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Telstra lost copyright over Yellow Pages

Post by Telnic on Tue 30 Dec 2014, 3:59 pm

Cees12-16-2010 06:56 AM

Telstra lost copyright over Yellow Pages
This may be of interest RE Directories etc


And this as well, Directories judgment opens a Pandora's box on copyright laws,

boracay.tel12-16-2010 08:02 AM

Green light for online directories.
Green light for .tel to now pump/push the directories side of .tel

maximka12-16-2010 12:05 PM


''The mere collection of data cannot be sensibly regarded as compilation. I would also suggest that the editorial correction of errors at the proofing stage of a compilation cannot be regarded as authorship,'' Chief Justice Patrick Keane said.

''Much skill and hard work - 'sweat of the brow' - may be involved in the steps preparatory to the making of the material form of a work but those labours are not what is protected by copyright and are relevant only to show that the work is not copied,'' Justice Nye Perram said.

The case was initiated by Telstra in 2007 against Phone Directories Company, which was accused of copying information from the Yellow Pages for smaller regional business directories.

I do not think that this means a green light for everyone of using somebody's TELs to pump up/steal their content without permission of their owners.[/size]

marimax12-18-2010 11:14 PM

Maximka, you think too much and this is your biggest problem

maximka12-19-2010 07:15 AM

marimax, I think people come to this forum for discussion of TEL, and not for discussion of the things like politics or health problems or etc. So, if you would like to have some weight at this forum, you would better try to write in your posts some constructive ideas about the subject of this forum, and not about your political preferences or your remarks about one or another forum members. I can understand, that this cannot always be very easy for you, but in any case, I wish you to be well.

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