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Post by Telnic on Tue 30 Dec 2014, 4:07 pm

dialaroom01-22-2011 11:04 AM

Would very much like to hear your thought tips and opinions on SEO for .tels. I have a few that are recieving good SERPS, they obtained a good page rank.

Now the page rank is falling, even though the backlinks remain the same or increase.

A few tips for SEO that we can all follow will definately help us as individuals and .tel as a whole.

Whats your best advice everyone.

Cees01-22-2011 12:02 PM

I'm probably the least knowledgeable on this front, having said that, I've noticed an improvement in my sites when I give a more descriptive (targeted) wording in the title, I assume thats what its called.
I notice in your very fine "dialaroom.tel" all you have is "Dial a Room" and dialaroom.tel. I do prefer that, it looks nice and clean, thats how most of mine are, however I've noticed, through trial and error with the one's I've doctored that adding more descriptive words appear to improve my results, Only problem it destroys that tidy look.

dialaroom01-22-2011 09:23 PM

Thanks cees.
In a normal web based site, there are lots of things you can do to optimise your site, from adding alt and title tags to every image, url and mail link possible, filling meta tags and meta content, and of course the most important - unique content, lots of it and change it regulalry. Buiding back links to your site from other (higher ranked) sites if possible, and a good use of internal linking will help PR and SERPS. Optimising your code for speed also helps I believe.

Now a .tel, or at least some of my .tels are meant to be viewed mainly from mobile phones, so for best use on a mobile I add just short titles and short links and keep any content to the minimum required to deliver the required information, usually in the form of links, quickly and with minimum amount of scrolling and preferably no horizontal scrolling, which can be a real pain on some mobile phones. 

The lack of content and numerous outboundlinks appears to go against the grain with search engines. They seem to like lots of paragraphs of unique text and not too many outbound links.

I did this at first with dialaroom by using the freetext to add as many words as it would allow (not all relevant), we used to call this keyword stuffing. 

The results were really good, jumped to PageRank 4 in three months and hit page 1 in Serps for quite a few searches, not just the domain name. (took some of my normal web sites 3 years to get that). As the keywords appear at the bottom of the page it wouldn't hamper mobile browsing for information as it was listed above it and most people browsing on their phone wouldn't even scroll down that far.

About 6 months ago I removed all the garbage freetext and just put a few, more relevant details. 

PageRank fell off back to 1 and some SERPs moved back 2 or 3 pages.

So am going back to keyword stuffing in the freetext to test results in 6 months.

I know .tels by their very nature use fast efficient code and with data from dns, there are no quicker generic TLDs out there. 

I suppose what I am trying to say is could the .tel proxy or at least the html being read by search engines be better optimised by adding extra content into tags, this is not a criticism as I am not an expert, it is a question. E.g. when we add a goto and change it's description the title tag still appears to show Go to, same with email links.

Not complaining, am just wondering if it is possible to make the best .tld even better in terms of SEO.

Cees01-23-2011 02:56 AM

Steve thanks for that comprehensive info.
I agree with all you say especially focusing on a tight reign on information etc, more so for mobile use.
I'm not a fan of keyword stuffing although I use it myself, however I hate the way it ruins the look of the page. I sometimes bury it in a different folder, but this often doesn't deliver the main page first in a search.
I've had some very good results with long tail URL's and am focusing a lot of new purchases on those, a lot of the names don't rolloff the tongue but they do seem to bring results.
Here's a link with some interesting data, your probably familiar with this sort of stuff but it may interest others.


dialaroom01-23-2011 11:36 AM

Cees, thanks, long tail URLs are a great way of adding synonyms of your keywords as well, if we were also able to add these as title tags to links it would be even better. Long tail URLs are brilliant for getting page 1 results for a small percentage of your keyword volume. 

I wonder if we can get the definative top ten tips for SEO of a .tel.

I'll start a thread in "Using your .tel" and add your Long Tail suggestion

stel01-24-2011 01:27 AM

Dial-a-Room, first I have to say nice directory- I will send a few .tel links your way…

You said: “E.g. when we add a goto and change it's description the title tag still appears to show Go to, same with email links.”, which is true, but if you add a web link (instead of a goto .tel link), at least on Blackberry Tour the same box doesn’t show “go to” anymore and instead it shows a box with the first 75 words of the label. This box with 75 words also covers the www link so that most times you can’t see the link or the original description that was more than 75 words. I don’t know if this box is specific to Blackberry Tour (it has increased contrast black on white compared to Telnic’s dark grey on light grey and it is a little wider sometimes) or if it was done by Telnic to discourage people from putting in www links (which would be weird and counterproductive, as it significantly decreases functionality). The annoying box on your first page with dial-a-room.tel appears to cover only these two areas: 

Picture-Linked Advertising for Guest Houses and B & B 


Dial a Room Worldwide. Find and book online over 55,000 Hotels, Inns Guest Houses B & Bs in over 12,000 cities. Dial a Room Rates from £25 Per Person 


All that I am saying is that maybe we should be careful in making the label for www links too long and maybe Telnic should double check if that’s how they really wanted the labels for www links on their .tels displayed on the Blackberry…..

dialaroom01-24-2011 02:52 PM

Thanks stel. will check this out with my Blackberry owner friends

Aled01-24-2011 03:14 PM

Just to confirm here, the smartphone template should display the same irrespective of make. The only variances that should occur is that if:

- The mobile is not recognised as a "smartphone" and as such displays the original mobile display with no colours or image. This can be due to limitations of the phone's software or it's screen size. Please let us know, though, if you have a mobile that you feel should be able to display the full smartphone proxy with images, but is not doing so.

- The device is actually being identified as a full web browser e.g. the iPad. In this scenario the full web proxy will be displayed rather than the smartphone version.

Stel, I'm afraid I don't follow the example of the issue you describe above. Is it possible for you to send us a screenshot please, or the link where you are seeing the issue.



stel01-24-2011 05:09 PM

Hi Aled, if I get a chance I will send you a screen shot soon, but if you look at dial-a-room.tel (and any other .tel domain) you will see a white box that comes on the Blackberry screen on top of the actual .tel domain that for regular .tel links it says "go to" (which is OK because you can still see the label for the .tel and the link) and for www links it says the first 75 characters (my mistake above I wrote 75 words) of the label for that www link. That big box now (partially and sometimes fully) covers the label & www link in .tel domains and as you might imagine is counterproductive...

stel01-30-2011 03:31 AM

Hi Aled, I just went to a Verizon store today and checked out dial-a-room.tel on a new Blackberry Curve and it looked different from the way .tel is shown on my Blackberry Tour, without the problems that I mentioned above. So as far as I can tell the problem is not from Telnic...
Looking at well developed directories (like dial-a-room.tel, etc), it would be useful on mobiles to have an option in the control panel whether to put the "search box" at the end of the directory like it is now, or at the beginning of the directory (or both). The owner of the .tel might decide to put the Search box above the listing for more complex directory type .tel page, while for a business card like .tel page the Search box would be fine at the bottom of the first page. This is just for mobile phones like Blackberry- otherwise .tel looks ok on a regular computer screen.

boracay.tel01-30-2011 04:56 AM

yes, SEARCH at the TOP, is sensible for directories.

again, a toggle ON/OFF, TOP/BOTTOM...
so many things need to be a toggle, sigh

maximka01-30-2011 12:21 PM

If you host pictures at some hosting service and use those pictures as avatars on your TEL-pages, when is it important or no for SEO what the user-name you have at that hosting service?

For example, I have a TIGER_tel and to want make there a project about tigers and to put there a lot of avatars/pictures with tigers. Then, at a hosting service (I use webasyst_com) I upload my pictures and later put their URL as avatars to that my TEL about tigers.

As I had chosen user-name "litvо", such URLs usually looks something like this:

The question is, would it have influence to search engines ratings if for that project about tigers I will chose as my user-name not a word "litvo" but a word "tiger"? 

As a result of that those URLs for avatars will contain a word "tiger" and look something like this:

boracay.tel01-30-2011 12:46 PM

I am doing just that maximka, in the hope that it adds to SEO. In the upcoming image ads areas I will be hosting all of boracay.tel's images at me.com with the username of "boracay"
Each image URL will be like this..

Ideal would be to have.. 

But that service is not allowing that at this time

maximka01-30-2011 02:25 PM


Originally Posted by boracay.tel (Post 12420)
I am doing just that maximka, in the hope that it adds to SEO. In the upcoming image ads areas I will be hosting all of boracay.tel's images at me.com with the username of "boracay"

It is interesting. I will wait for your results. On my sites I did not tried that method yet, as it just came to my mind yesterday.


Originally Posted by boracay.tel (Post 12420)
Ideal would be to have.. boracay.me.com/images

But that service is not allowing that at this time

webasyst_net allows just the variant, which you say is better: litvо.webasyst .net. Or may be a word "webasyst" also should be taken into consideration?

boracay .tel, it seems that at your Boracay 3-5-7 and 7-stones web-links to photos are not working.[/size]

boracay.tel01-30-2011 04:34 PM

Maximka thanks for that. You are correct and finding areas of the directory that are tests and experiments and just a mish-mash of what to try next. Eventually, we will take this directory "live" and at that time a uniform directory structure and uniform data will have been thoroughly tested.

It's a jolly big experiment all said n done.
Enjoy the ride. Hoping to spend just enough time on boracay.tel to be ready fir the day .tel gets the big promotion dollars it deserves. All in good time I guess

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