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Phones with Facebook button


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Phones with Facebook button

Post by Telnic on Tue 30 Dec 2014, 4:12 pm

dottel02-21-2011 10:54 AM

Phones with Facebook button

HTC's announcement of two smartphones linked closer than ever to Facebook will lead an industry trend, analysts say, but despite the social network's popularity most users will ultimately prefer handhelds without the special feature.

Simon G02-21-2011 01:37 PM

Seems like it would make a great collectors piece for when/if facebook dies. 

Most HTC phones I've used you could allocate the buttons to tasks anyway.

Bunjie02-21-2011 02:12 PM


Originally Posted by Simon G (Post 12947)
Seems like it would make a great collectors piece for when/if facebook dies. 

Most HTC phones I've used you could allocate the buttons to tasks anyway.

Facebook is too big to fail... lmao judging by the fact Obama just recently invited you know who + Google old CEO and other such media influencer's to a private semi-secret dinner, I can bet on bailouts for Facebook in any event.


I think it's far more likely that Facebook will be allowed to leap and bound over monopoly laws and dominate the internet for a very long time as speculators, investors and marketers 'thieves and vagabonds' who trade on peoples lives want a piece of the 'a sleep sheep' consumer pie, I think people will go for other phones and I agree a Facebook button is not a crowd puller, It would be cooler if that button opened up an integrated tel search. 

That allowed your phone to search a pre-downloaded 'section' of search data so when you can't connect via roaming internet you can search local on the fly, and that is updated over your wireless wifi so you can do these geo-telocal offline searches.

So if your interests are movies & plumbing you'll get your integrated tel search downloading a 'zip/rar/' update definitions file like we get with anti virus programs, which saves the latest known spidered .tel info so you can do a preliminary search when not able to access the internet.

This will save people money and push .tel and .tel search into the must have auto updated geo-telocal integrated search or search app. 

I keep hearing we'll likely see device powered by the Facebook portal, which might even become a walled Garden on consumer devices as people don't need to leave it to get their interests delivered in a package so thats where .tel should go to micro pre packed geo-telocal search apps.

As for what I'm mumbling about, think of it this way, you go to bed your phone is plugged into the wall or your pc and it syncs with .tel search to give you the latest .tel data within your interest range, so if you know you need to search cinemas over the next week you can pick that from the sync list, so you tick your local area box and cinemas and it auto updates the pre-archived search saving you roaming bandwidth.

If the app had a thing where by I could pick on pre-Valentines day for it to update with my telocal 'tel local' search with florists numbers and romance stuff places to go, then I can scroll though that section of data and pick whats local to my phones geo location, groupon fed into that would be cool, perhaps the coupons I hear .tel are adding might be this? and this is how useful it could be.

If people want more info on a certain .tel they can then choose to download more data from the .tel or browse via internet, but the up front should be feeding them the phone number and .tel name e.t.c that leads them to want to go into the internet mode and browse more.

Like the bottom of the app could say, '$40 off this or another announced motd 'message of the day' to get it they need to go to the .tel page for more info, or sync the whole .tel DNS data into their phone app that themes it.

I guess that didn't make sense...[/size]

dottel02-21-2011 03:14 PM

This could be a crowd puller, since facebook gets approx. 500million users [source: article]..and If Facebook were a country, It would be the 3rd Most Populated country.

[source: article]

1% of 500,000,000 could make 5,000,000 sales

Telnic should work on something similar so that .tels can be dialied by mobile phone without thirdparty softwares/apps..

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