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Paypal Auto Link Generator


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Paypal Auto Link Generator

Post by fustachio.tel on Sun 01 Jul 2012, 8:33 am

It's a shame that .tel wont make a payment system so in anycase,
When I put an email address in the Business Profile/Payment Methods It would be nice if they could work with paypal to auto generate a click through URL for it, aka so I don't need to place a specific link on my Contact Information section that wastes my allowance to list something TWICE & has nothing to do with being contactable, if not that allow me to put in the appropriate URL or set the appropriate url parts in a popup box or just allow html of a paypal or other payment service that is placed into the box to not count against the allowance of text and store only whats necessary by striping it out just like telnic does with the Google analytics pasted into the box.
Aka anything placed into the Payment Methods should auto generate and authenticate the appropriate click though and then should only show as a email address or what ever in bold so I know it's 'html linked', if i want to replace it I just delete it and past in a new url.

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