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More than 5 years with .tel


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More than 5 years with .tel

Post by Telnic on Tue 30 Dec 2014, 6:03 pm

TELcp04-10-2012 06:41 AM

More than 5 years with .tel

More than 5 years with .tel

Last month, on the 5th, I completed 5 years of my .tel related business interest. 
My interest in the new tld started somewhere in the beginning of 2006 when I read about it in one of the online telecommunication magazines.
I was a regular reader of this particular magazine.
Few months after that I registered my email address with an organization (as advertised in the magazine) to receive a newsletter update on the new tld.
But never received any newsletter/update from them.
However, I knew it would take some time before the new tld is made available for the public.

Written history of my .tel related interest goes back to 2007.
It was on 4th March 2007 I registered dottelregistry.com, exactly 5 years and one month ago.

Then the .tel was forgotten for some time until I received an email from my accounts manager at Moniker, where I had many domains registered for development and for buying n selling, reminding me about the Sunrise Registration of .tel (for my registered trademarks).
I was kind of surprised to hear this news as there was not a single information from the place where I registered my email address te get updates/newsletter.

Anyway, I decided to invest in the new technology based tld.

Then came the Telsters Forum, where we could discuss a lot of tel related matters directly with the Telnic management.
I should mention here that the staff at Telnic at that time was very helpful and provided us with all the information that we required to develop the .tel domain.
During this period, the limit on 1000 folders was increased to 3000 folders and AUP was amended in favour of sub delegation.

In June (I think it was June) 2009, this Forum was started by Telnic.
Many members who were at Telsters migrated here.
Gradually, more and more Telsters started leaving the Telsters.com Forum.
I think it was a tactful decision by Telnic to start their own Forum here.
By November 2009, there was just a handful of people left at Telsters.
That was the time I decided to migrate here to get myself involved in the current activities of the .tel.

In October 2009, formed a new company mainly to handle .tel related business matters and to develop TELcp.

Many .tel related activities have taken place between 8th December and Now.
Up to now I do not regret my decision to invest and develop a .tel related business.
However, I have realized one thing based on my experience with .tel tld.
That is, you cannot plan anything ahead.

Any business needs proper planning in product development, marketing, investing, re-investing, writing off etc to name a few.
Sad to say that none of these is possible with .tel.

Today, I have no road map. Just heading towards a distant light (flickering).

Before winding up this post, I thank sincerely the staff at Telnic for their continuous support in answering all my email messages promptly and fellow Forum members for their constructive contribution towards the development of .tel.


boracay.tel04-10-2012 12:43 PM

I appreciate you sharing your .tel story/journey.
Thank you for the read. I apologise for not using your product 
(released same time that I withdrew massive time committment on the boracay .tel project)
If you are winding up, that is understandable... But you get definitive answers right?

mikeseaton04-10-2012 01:04 PM


Originally Posted by TELcp (Post 21988)

More than 5 years with .tel

Interesting story - 5 years of following .tel makes most of us look like newbies !

I notice the correction you made in case you gave the impression you were "winding up" - though we would all understand if you did just that.

This week is crunch point for .tel - I would like to think today is "come clean" day - Telnic / Telnames need to let us know what is going on !

We are in business to make money - it's not a charity or hobby (for most of us) - so we need some answers if Telnic / Telnames want to keep software developers and domain investors committed to the .tel project.

I hope they make a statement on this forum today - assuming of course they still value the major contribution that has been made by forum members.

.Tel needs its "ecosystem" - it would be unwise to neglect it and leave us in the dark for much longer !

Mike Seaton[/size]

TELcp04-10-2012 01:22 PM

I am sorry if you misunderstood me at my conclusion of the post.

You got it right.

The correction was done soon after the post was submitted to avoid misinterpretation.

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