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This kind of usability I expect from .tel services!



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This kind of usability I expect from .tel services!

Post by Alex on Mon 09 Jul 2012, 9:34 am

Mozilla Persona:
An Identity System for the Web

A better way to sign in

At Mozilla, we believe that your online identity should belong exclusively to you. With that in mind, we created Persona to improve the way you sign in to websites.

Persona allows you to sign in to sites using an email address you choose. So, instead of having to manage multiple usernames and passwords across your favorite sites and devices, you’ll have more time to do the important stuff. We’ll manage the details!

Own your data

Many sign-in systems carry your profile data with them; some even share that info with other sites and social networks. We believe you should control how your personal information is shared. Persona lets you get started with just your email address; you can add your profile data later, when and where you think it’s appropriate.

Easy for publishers

Persona makes things easy for site owners, too. Enabling Browser ID, the underlying Persona technology, on your site only takes a few lines of code and helps build good relationships by providing users with a trusted sign-in option. It’s a win-win!

Source: Mozilla.org


I have left TelTalk.org. Please contact the new forum owner tel.community instead!

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Re: This kind of usability I expect from .tel services!

Post by fustachio.tel on Mon 09 Jul 2012, 2:18 pm

Yea .tel is too slow to push anything other than a contact card, all the while competitors spring up and become the De facto of telnics target industry and product, the advantage .tel has is that it's based on a TLD however Mozilla is used by millions every moment of the day so.. hard to compete with them but that should NOT mean telnic defaults to giving up and handing over their keys to someone else's brand by adding links as if that resolves their market penetration metrics.

Also Mozilla has access to your data just like Google and Facebook therefor it can be used for anything aka making them money down the line, so remember the marketing with .tel is you own your data it's not making telnic money only X Y Z company you choose to buy, trade or sell by using their website service that's plugged into your .tel.
Tel or nothing... the point about storing other data we all keep saying in our own way is really tagging the data ready for print out in a micro format, but based on the micro formats so they can be universally transposable to other web services.
Telnic please Fix the templates if that's an issue, roll out the new CP and then start working on data tagging micro format storage and api extraction, .tel is the persona-cloud to our mobile lives and it needs rolling out as such across the web asap.
But if they don't start back end tagging themselves therefor putting out a standard for others to work from and not just a free for all .tel will never be integrated as just a contact card as it does not hold enough information, and if you leave it to the end user to decide what they want to store it becomes so messy that it actually starts to costs to process it out and it's not uniform like X Y Z it's HRW£S *(J it becomes gibberish that no company can justify investing in promoting and marketing .tel as part of its integrated services and is ready to store and export X Y Z data usage to simplify and speed up your trans-virtual life.
Also the permissions system for 3rd party requests needs to be expanded to individual sub domains and profile types and not just complete access to a whole group of .tel data as we want to hide some information from services we login to with .tel domains.
I would like to see FB style app requests in the yellow window, aka this site requests X Y Z, access to your email address, phone, request to create a sub domain 'brand named profile' data locker for storing XYZ.

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