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The revolutionary patents from Telnic!



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The revolutionary patents from Telnic!

Post by Alex on Mon 30 Apr 2012, 11:13 am

At this moment is hard to believe in the future everybody who owns a cell phone, will own a .tel domain, too!

But Telnic is already prepared for this vision:


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Re: The revolutionary patents from Telnic!

Post by Bunjie on Mon 07 May 2012, 10:25 pm

TelTalk wrote:At this moment is hard to believe in the future everybody who owns a cell phone, will own a .tel domain, too!

But Telnic is already prepared for this vision:

No Patent 4: yet? telspot information distribution system? aka a modified 'wifi hotspot' because it seems to me that not everyone can afford the internet especially when out browsing, so if telnic worked with city information booths and systems tourists could go on a wifi that only lets you have access to .tel dns data on local amenities. Or they can make small wifi plugs that allow businesses in that area serve a cached version data of all amenities in that area to a .tel app, update your app cache on the go visit a 'telspot'.

This could be based on this open source project: http://hackaday.com/2011/01/27/the-pirate-box/

No Patent 5: yet? a non-terrestrial DNSatellite information retrieval system? the cost to do it would be slightly eminence for Low Earth orbit but other heights are doable if it piggy backs on one of those permanently flying solar powered drones, but it shouldn't be ruled out that someone in the future would not want to put a Satellite in or as close to space that bypasses local state and country laws that feeds a cache of .tel data to phones and devices, as with governments blocking access to websites there might be a day when not only can you not read a tweet because it's banned in your country but you cant visit someones .tel and get at that extra encrypted information from the .tel storage system.

For transferring data in a battle situation that would make .tel a cheap alternative for emerging nations that want to give troops, rescuers and other need to have groups access to some basic contact information and on going status information without using expensive solutions, or the need to be near wifi or regular internet, think the 'satellite phone' but for getting access to .tel dns encrypted data anywhere in the world the size of a pager or a back up system if parts of the internet get crippled.


So why only the territorial DNS aka 'domain name system, and not also a backup always on 'domain name satellite', with governments everywhere trying to block information would it not be better to have plans now to extend this 'system' to somewhere governments can't shut down or block your access too? bare with me it sounds crazy but there is a group of individuals trying to put a micro satellite into orbit in order to beam back information that governments want to block, particularly wikileaks and other stuff but for simple contact data would it not be a bonus to be able to get at that information when you don't have credit? I would love to see telnic put aside 5% of profits on .tel domains to go into the maintenance and running of a small satellite

If the point of a .tel is to transfer bare bones contact data and information through the DNS and can be done with (sms) and other delivery systems and the proxy is only a representation of that data, why can't I download a copy of a .tel into my phone from a Satellite? why does it need to be connected to the regular internet? why can't we use a dongle that connects to our mobile laptops or some thing for our phones that pulls data from a satellite, the why I imagine is only time before interesting ideas emerge and someone acts on them at least now we have teltalk to put them outside telnics control sphere.

Also there was talk about a company or NASA putting an ark of information on the moon to be used if something bad happened that we lost all knowledge, so I hope a company or telnic decide to take a 4th and 5th step and make telsnik the 'sputnik' satellite of the tel ecosystem.

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