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.TEL domain poweruser login bumping.


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.TEL domain poweruser login bumping.

Post by fustachio.tel on Mon 09 Jul 2012, 4:54 pm

If I've logged in previously within the last 24hours and still have some kind of cookie and my IP and MAC address has not changed it would be nice if you could give us the option of switching on a bypass to the username box so that when I login to the website or the telhosting page the username box will accept my .tel address of any .tel domain I own in the whole CTH and therefor will allow me to skip into the edit mode from that entry point and not to show the display of all domains I own with all the options to renew etc, in the case of logging in via the normal telnames website or focus on the .tel domain I want to edit if I picked it in the username box.

I also don't bookmark the CTH and if I was roaming and didn't use an app I would update via telnames main site / domain page.
Aka I login as furtainment.tel and use my pass then the next window I'm pushed towards is the CP with the domain furtainment.tel featured for editing.
Though if I login with my regular username I will view the regular window with renewals and buy more and all that and if not I get shoved into edit mode of the domain I want to quickly update without all the junk in between, I think this would quicken things up as most times I don't login via the main telnames page to do anything other than update a domain, aka I login via that telnames page not to renew a domain or buy another I login to visit the CP and while you give me the option of picking a domain to edit and be pushed towards you've just wasted more of my time when I could have specified it in the username box.
Or just give us an extra box for adding what .tel domain I want to edit, or let us enter it in the username box as USERNAME/NAME.TEL (not in caps) for power users who want to skip to a specific .tel domain.
The same should be available for the regular telhosting page if all the above prerequisites are met, or with USERNAME/NAME.TEL it won't need any prerequisite as you just need to separate my login username from the domain I want to skip towards aka a forward slash will be sufficient.

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