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Spice up your .tel!... -Get colours and logos and more...


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Spice up your .tel!... -Get colours and logos and more...

Post by Telnic on Wed 31 Dec 2014, 6:02 pm

mactel04-10-2010 04:27 PM

Spice up your .tel!... -Get colours and logos and more...

Spice up your .tel!... -Get colours and logos and more...!

Another stylish example of a .tel with the new look.
Bussy business with .tel:
Work-Bee jobs, Geneva, Switzerland:
More ideas and examples (some not finished...):
and so on...

Drop your comment and feedback! Thank you!...




mactel04-12-2010 12:18 PM

Keep spicing up your .tel's !... Replace gray spaces for colour / color !


Another example:

dottel04-12-2010 01:54 PM


Originally Posted by mactel (Post 7952)
Keep spicing up your .tel's !... Replace gray spaces for colour / color !

Another example:

mactel, mention about the domain theme when placing url to those sites which are NSFW kinda :d (so that user know what he is landing on to)

I have not seen the whole site but with the logo on it, I had to close it straight (not sure the site theme for exactly but had to close based on the logo)[/size]

JLouisBiz04-12-2010 02:41 PM

One can setup background, but not the text color.

I am not spending time on setting colors as long as the TEL domain is in testing phase.

mactel04-12-2010 03:43 PM

Thank you, JLouis, for your valuable and important feedback.

I fully understand, and give you right.
I hope, one will be able to choose fonts, font-sizes, and font-coulours / text colour, as well, soon. 
And: It would be good, not to have a size limit for logos, as many logos are wider than high, and need to stretch. But the given logo-window, squeezes the broad logos into a narrower pictures, and so it looks squashed...
Not many logos, just fit and work...
Furthermore, the pixel resolution of the small logos are not so good, and given logos get often unreadable or unrecognizalble.
Also, it might look nicer, if the field, where the contact info is placed, would have rounded corners, for a softer look.
Furthermore, it would be good to be able to change the colour of those fields, as well, so that they do not set off as hard as they might do, if the back ground colour is a strong or dark colour.
I am not sure, why we need the narrower stripe on top (coulour number one). Title/header and background might be ok. "Three stripes, leave you sometimes lost, not beeing able to find a third colour to match...
Conclusion about the present state:

I notice, that there are quite a lot of nicely populated small business .tel's.
However, most of them are in the gray-gray default proxy/template/look.

The reasons?:
- Some simply like it that way.
- Some simply did not come around to bother or to put colour and logo.
- Some are waiting, till there will be more options available to costumise their .tel.
- Some have no ideas how to compose the colours, and how to uplad the logo, etc: Questions about decisions and technical problems, problems with handling, etc.
- Some just have not had the courage..., to have a go at it...
- Lack of time?
- Not much belief in their own talent, creativity, ability, etc.
- Waiting for Telnic to realize the planed features...
- Etc., etc.

However, the holders of a .tel who are nevertheless having a goo at customising their .tel, might achieve a nicer and better look, that is more apealing, then the grey-grey serious, but uniform look. 

Business want to be unique, and set them selfs off from the gross of competitors, and the masses.

Start practicing now, get familiar with the latest features for customisation of the personal .tel look.

marimax04-12-2010 05:31 PM

It looks nice but it would be even nicer if you could give a step by step instruction of how to do it

mactel04-12-2010 05:59 PM

Heartily thanks, for your nice feedback.

When you are at your controll panel, respectively, dashboard, you go top left and click on the card "Design", and go from there. It is self explaining...


Which brings you up this controll panel:


Select a colour space number (1, 2 or 3):
The colour customising mini panel, that will pop up, looks like this:

In the vertical colour bar, you select a basic colour, for aditional fine tuning:
Then (within the left window) you place the cross on the ring, and move the ring to the right area, that brings up the colour you wish to have. Your selected colour then shows in one of the two small windows, top right within the small controll panel. --> Save your colour choice, with the "save" button, bottom, right side.

To add a logo, you must go back to the main controll panel.


However, there are two tutorials. One in french, and another one in German (which will be continued):

1.) http://www.toutpointtel.fr/index.php...mode-d-emploi/


Have fun, and take care! 

Triton NW04-12-2010 06:18 PM

Would it be possible to get an update on the status of the Template options?

Thank y ou

mactel04-12-2010 07:07 PM

Further additions and changements, depend on feedback, comming from the .tel community:
Quote, Justin:
"As a continuation of our commitment to listening to the community, we would like to thank you all for your contributions and we will continue to collate feedback in order to take into account your feedback and make this service a benefit to the entire .tel community. You can also send direct feedback to community@telnic.org."
See also quote from Nadya:

"Thanks everyone for your feedback and comments. We've been monitoring the thread all day and have been considering carefully the feedback whilst tweaking the operations in the live environment which is why we're now providing a summary of all requests:

• Disabling “Search All” for the TelPages window is done via the Settings. Deselecting the checkbox hides the option and limits the search to content of one domain. NOTE: some of the search components were not performing as expected, so the searchbox has been taken down temporarily. You can still configure your Settings for when the Search is re-enabled.

• This release is the first in a series of updates where a Template Gallery will be added. The gallery will include several templates with different fonts, background and styling, as well as a template resembling the old layout; we will continue adding to the gallery after it is first launched to enable a diversity of displays.

• Some of the features (including the “Manage” link) have been widely requested by the community through different channels. Some of these users are considerably less technical than some of the forum members. In this view, the new features have been deemed important for mass adoption of .tel beyond the technical first movers.

• The issue with the map display has now been resolved.

• Other issues with rendering specific new dialogues or controls are due to caching - please clean your cache and restart your browser, and you should see your control panel and proxy fully operational.

The systems are operating normally, no known issues are pending with the exception of the search. Thank you very much for your patience in rolling this out live.

Once again, we would be happy to receive further constructive feedback from the community via various communications channels, and improve the new functionality accordingly. I would ask all posters to refrain from using excessive formatting and reposting the same requests several times. All reports are logged, tracked and will be acted upon. We appreciate your passion and your investment but we would urge you all to consider your tone when writing in order to not cause potential offense to others in the community during this new phase of the service upgrade."

mactel04-12-2010 07:50 PM


Originally Posted by Triton NW (Post 7977)
Would it be possible to get an update on the status of the Template options?

Thank y ou

By end of April, there will be added: Several templates with different fonts, background and styling.

mactel04-13-2010 02:05 PM


Examples / ideas: Spyce up your .tel!:

Latest .tel creations:

http://workbee.tel/ (Jobs)
http://antiquorum.tel/ (Auctoneer for watches and clocks)
http://protectas.tel/ (Security enterprise)
http://beau-rivage.tel/ (Five star hotel)
http://lerichemond.tel/ (Five star hotel)
http://bcge.tel/ (Bank)
http://teslamotors.tel/ (Electric car)
http://antiagingnews.tel/ (Health)
http://geneva-budget.tel/ (Tourisme)
http://juliusbaer.tel/ (Private banking)
http://www.bauraulac.tel/ (Five star hotel)
http://bauraulacwein.tel/ (Wine distributeur and wine shops)
http://hotelpwilson.tel/ (Five star hotel)
http://acpropulsion.tel/ (Electic car supplies)
http://ecotality.tel/ (Electric car supplies, etc.)
http://nesscap.tel/ (Electric car supplies, etc.)
http://spruengli.tel/ (Swiss chocolate)
http://www.actel.tel/ (electric car supplies, etc.)
http://pluginamerica.tel/ (Electric car networking)
http://jelmoli.tel/ (Departement store)
http://haecky.tel/ (Wine distributeur)
http://guebelin.tel/ (Watches and jewelry)
http://tuerler.tel/ (Watches and jewelry)
http://wilmaa.tel/ (Internet TV)
http://solutionpark.tel/ (Internet video specialist)
http://kronenhalle.tel/ (Restaurant / Bar)

http://rexbar.tel/ (Bar & Grill)
http://hmvdigital.tel/ (HMV: Retailer of Music, DVD/Video, Computer Games and Related Products.)


marimax04-13-2010 05:11 PM

Thank you Mactel.
I will try this in the next day or two

mactel04-13-2010 08:58 PM


See updates, for example .tel's... (previous post above.)
Latest update (very hot, very hot, indeed...):
Adult site (you are at least 18 years old...) :
http://naughtyamerica.tel/ http://a1.twimg.com/profile_images/9...on2_bigger.jpg

mactel04-15-2010 11:25 AM


Attention please...!:

Making and uploading your logo or picture for your .tel domain, is now a no-brainer, and can be done fast and easy, and is great fun.
For more information, please read:


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