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Blekko.com likes Dot Tel !


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Blekko.com likes Dot Tel !

Post by Telnic on Wed 31 Dec 2014, 6:26 pm

mikeseaton11-11-2010 06:58 PM

Blekko.com likes Dot Tel !
Just been playing around a bit with http://Blekko.com and tried out this search http://blekko.com/ws/justin+hayward

Given such a famous name as Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues it's no surprise to find 3 million pages indexed - Telnic's Justin Hayward comes in withhttp://justin.tel on the first page at a very respectable P3.

I must find time to set up my slashtags etc. at http://blekko.com/user/mikeseaton - Bunjie's user at http://blekko.com/user/bunjie is a very good example of how to do this.

Mike Seaton

Bunjie11-11-2010 09:21 PM

I know there might be privacy issues with what I suggest but I think Telnic should partner with Blekko and pump in our log files to their crawler so they can work out better rankings & seo for our .tels

They'll have to talk to them anyway as they did with Google.

I suggested the same with Google because well, it being a fixed log file and with an auto dump I figure it's worth it to let them have up to the hour extra data and perhaps even have stuff fed back into the control panel that Telnic is working on therefor providing an even better seo overview & to show others how well they perform and integrate.

Obviously not giving out ips and stuff but referrers and such things from a .tel dump might help Blekko speed up their process for ranking .tel domains in searches, by knowing where traffic is coming from quicker and crawling those pages.

Anyway slashed you to my /blekko-friends

Don't forget to check /seo http://blekko.com/ws/http:%2F%2Fjustin.tel%2F+/seo

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