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Postal Validation flag


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Postal Validation flag

Post by fustachio.tel on Mon 16 Jul 2012, 5:42 pm

I was just thinking about how much of a pain it is to move house, having to update all the services aka bank details, friends, websites and other stuff of my new postal address, .tel would be great for updating all my details if I decide to move house in one go.
The only problem is that on the original proxy the home address data is not secure and can't be set to private? without entering it via api? not sure...
But I would love to just update my .tel when I move home and get ONE LETTER to prove my new address, aka a code I can enter in the CP to add a validated flag so all services I use can get updated asap and know telnic have checked it, so then I don't need to fill in forms or visit the bank or what ever I just update my address and tick a validate button at the side and they charge me for the admin cost to send a basic letter.
These sort of things are a registrars responsibility so Telnic has to do it but the last time I asked for a validation tick we ended up with the yellow pages tick from a 3rd party person, and while I understand it can and could work like that I would only ever trust the registrar who sold me the .tel to check on my address etc.
Not only because the whois data is supposed to be private with regards to anything but name, but for many other basic reasons that I only want my data in a closed system where I'm protected with legal agreements and handing stuff to companies and corporations I know telnic have a legal agreement to not do X Y or Z, I have my address public in other whois databases but I'm still in the legal right if anyone scrapes it so it's not really upfront as you need to know where to go to find it so it grants some privacy but not much to anyone who understands the web, but it's still in a closed system so that I have the right to sue anyone who uses it for anything other than what whois is for.
That said I'm kinda tired of telnic off loading responsibility for essential services and flagging data as validated onto 3rd parties, though telnames is great in some respects I'm not sure they will go into setting up some of this other stuff when it's a definitive need for people, especially if they're roaming due to lack of work in their area for more than a year, and don't want to go though the stress of writing to banks, filling in forms, and spending money they don't have and really need for food on phone calls.


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Re: Postal Validation flag

Post by Alex on Mon 16 Jul 2012, 6:24 pm

I can only agree with your thoughts, too!

But it takes a long breath to accomplish your suggested solution, e. g. a secure API connected to governments and organizations (with data access control by the .tel owner).

Telnic would need to employ a team working on such a project. But it doesn't look like Telnic want to invest a lot of effort.

But the use of .tel would be visible with such a service for sure!


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