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How to set a precise location in your .tel?



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How to set a precise location in your .tel?

Post by Alex on Mon 16 Jul 2012, 7:29 pm

Your .tel allows you to store your location as geographic coordinates: latitude plus longitude. Clicking the Location link on your .tel shows a Google map with your position.

In the .tel control panel Dashboard, you can enter your location as a post code, address, or exact co-ordinates separated by a comma. In the former cases, you may need to adjust your location because your postcode may not exactly correspond to your actual location. Follow these simple steps to store your location:

1.) Enter your location and click the magnifying glass search button to go to that location.
2.) Use the zooming controls to see where the marker is, and drag-and-drop the marker as needed for greater accuracy.
3.) Click Save to store this location. Your new location is shown as coordinates beneath the map.
4.) To change your location, move the marker or input another location, and repeat steps 1 - 3 above. Click Save to replace your old location with the new one.

Depending on the device you're using, getting the precise geographic coordinates may be easier. You can use the decimal format "51.518117, -0.13425" or the standard "N 51 31.090' W 0 8.050'".

Method 1 - Google Maps

1.) Open yourname.tel in a browser window or tab.
2.) Click on your Location link to view in Google Maps.
3.) Click the Satellite tab in the upper corner to switch to that mode.
4.) Compare the location of the marker to where you want it to be.
5.) If needed, further adjust the position of the marker by changing the values for N (northbound movement) and W (westbound movement) in the Search Maps address bar until you get the perfect position.

For areas that are not identifiable on Google Maps, such as a factory location in Chichigalpa, Nicaragua, you may need to use the Google Earth application instead. A free version is downloadable at http://earth.google.com/.

Method 2 - iPhone

1.) Install the free My.tel application to edit your .tel domain, iphone.apps.telnic.tel.
2.) Click on the map.
3.) Click the move icon, select move to GPS, and then click the Set .tel marker button.

Method 3 - BlackBerry

1.) Go to Options -> Advanced Options -> GPS.
2.) Click the BlackBerry button and select Refresh GPS. The latitude and longitude, and accuracy will display on screen.
3.) Copy or input these to the Location in your .tel control panel.

Other devices may offer similar services.


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Re: How to set a precise location in your .tel?

Post by fustachio.tel on Tue 17 Jul 2012, 12:43 am

You can also store it aka a hard address location in the standard business address box for your home etc, but neither of these are private solutions and should have been able to flag as private and for api/telfriends logged in only as well as public for those daring enough to put such information up front.
Also if .tel had it's own embedded map that allowed checking in like foursquare.com for .tel enabled businesses to use the data to display their rank theres a strong chance it could eventually bypass foursquare in the business user category, though it may never be able to compete with such a free service that's open to everyone it would provide businesses with more accurate feedback from people they know have in a sense paid for the privilege to represent themselves as a legitimate persona with a .tel, so telnic has the ability to match and outrank these services for professionals and those businesses seeking valid feedback and accepting valid criticism and yet they continue to off load responsibility to 3rd party services on the public proxy rather than remember they're a TLD with the ability to provide a first hand service.
It smells of lack of investment and I hope telnames can change that trend.
Though the whole premise of Klout is that you as a social networked account have a value as what you say can influence others, but as someone whose validated their details if telnic will allow such a thing done by telnic shouldn't we and business in general then place higher value on you as your backed by a .tel persona? and not just a random voice in the cloud that could be a competitor of your business or a sour apple?
It's also 5.46am so I may *cough* not have formated or explained that correctly but I think you get the gist.

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