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Salutation, Titles, etiquette and the world wide web.


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Salutation, Titles, etiquette and the world wide web.

Post by fustachio.tel on Tue 17 Jul 2012, 3:01 pm

This is a simple request and in the case of telnames makes some sense as we don't have the ability to create sub domains, If you hadn't noticed regardless of if you use a first.last.tel structure or last.tel structure you can always add WWW onto the beginning of the .tel link structure as with any other tld.
Aka www.first.last.tel or www.last.tel while this is great I think we should request it be expanded, so basically when you add your name into the More Information section that the original proxy has and you set your Salutation: as Mr, Mrs, Miss, Dr, Prof etc it adds a salutation record like with a standard www record.
So that you can link to your .tel as dr.first.last.tel or dr.last.tel without fake masking the link or in the case of the regular proxy making a 3 level deep record for your profile and having to switch deeper in the CP to edit it and reduces the need for people to fiddle around making a specific sub domain on the regular proxy at all, or going without on telnames, or buying a .tel with drfirstlast.tel.
I think it would be a nice small addition and help seo in some cases if someone is Googleing for dr first last etc
I myself go by http://mr.fustachio.com and I used to have the sub domain as http://mr.fustachio.tel but due to trying out telnames and not transferring yet it's just forwarded atm, but I would like if telnic in general and telnames did this small add on for salutation records based on what you put in the salutation box.
So as you see mine is only 2 levels kinda but the point being I should not need to add a subdomain I should be able to use one page to edit my data, and if I want to link to my .tel as mr.fustachio.tel I should be able too as it should have created the record that displays the data from the top level.

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