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Post by Telnic on Fri 02 Jan 2015, 5:17 am

wax06-01-2014 10:07 AM

Just use SMS RESPONDER to promote your mobile responsive dot TEL, or leverage SMS push marketing for TELs of your customers.

Get your free smart autoresponder to promote your TEL ,or third party TELs , through SMS feedback originated from prospects, customers, community etc.

SMS marketing (it was called WAP push some years ago, not it is of course "Mobile Web push SMS" , or just "SMS Push" ) can push for more awareness for your TEL directly , but it is also possible and interestingly easy to encourage first , more SMS engagement from user with MT SMS asking to send back SMS with some keywords, and then depending on these keywords within your SMS REPONDER, deliver directly suitable dot TEL or suitable bitlyed dot TEL url (for longer url ) within a directory for example.

To get your hands on, do grab your FREE sms responder account and the mobile app see : http://telerivet.com/r/5TWius 

Kindly let the forum know more about your success with your PUSH sms campaigns for your dot TEL

boracay.tel06-02-2014 06:07 AM

doesn't work with iPhone or ipad.
i was interested for a while...

why leave out a couple of billion users, move along. dead idea without iOS

wax06-02-2014 09:52 AM

Thanks @Boracay I understand your point , and you are right about availability of iOS app.

However if you are looking for personal SMS Auto responder , there are plenty of solutions , free or paid, for whatever OS Platform, that Joe public can already find ( or has found ).
Just beware of the app editor and the autorisation level given to the App, or check within your already embedded apps, there might be even one aleady installed in your mobile ( name generally something with RESPONDER ) and you can start promoting your TEL to incoming calls or incoming SMS

BUT A GENERAL PURPOSE SMS RESPONDER ONLY CHECK your status over your schedule , or the calling number against a white list or a black list of numbers from your phonebook, but they NEVER (or rarely , well, let' s say , unknown so far ?) allow you to check presence of keywords INSIDE the incoming SMS from customers, agents, prospects WITH PHONE NMBERS YOU DO NOT KNOW FIRST, and therefore they do not allow some appropriate action based on content according the Rules engine on board.

So YES you can find already plenty of basic general sms responders and tune them on your own mobile device for receiving calls or sms , and sending back an SMS to the calling party to ask them to check other means of contacting you checking over your dot TEL , but this was not the final focus although of intermediate interest ! My fault :eek: not having clarified this before ! But now DONE , thanks to your question !

Here the purpose is indeed totally different as it is a way , when addressing sms communication and mobile websites at volume of dozens or hundreds of SMS per day ,or more, to circumvent costs and difficulties for connecting to mobile network infrastructure which normally generate costs through telecom wireless service providers and fees for keyword attribution and detection over a common short code .

Here ,is is affordable in a distributed DIY way over any Android mobile or phablet acting as a server attached to the mobile network, VERSUS B2B formal integration to hosted servers connected to the core network of any mobile network ( through SMSc).

So as the aim here is to dedicate some owned mobile device (phone, or phablet ) as a kind of tiny server already integrated at no cost into the mobile telecom network and running 24/7 without any power discontinuity nor any radio dark zone (through a dedicated owned SIMcard with a mobile long number ) instead of more expensive hosted servers or SAAS plans for the SMSc integration ,
>>> THEN 
choosing Android for the plurality of candidate mobile platforms , brand new or used, and for the lowest possible TCO to leverage more usecases, is not so a irrealistic move from the app editor http://telerivet.com/r/5TWius with the intent for worldwide vision for distribution, including Latam, Africa, Asia countries where this IMHO bridges a HUGE gap for local SMS marketing because reliable hosted servers or local SAAS fro SMSc integration is not easy to access locally nor very affordable . 
Such capability anywhere any network could serve .TELs !!!

So YES that seems REALLY NEW OPPORTUNITY HERE IMHO , thus the reason for this post towards usage in obvious conjonction with TELs.
As this allows anyone to start no brainer basic efficient DIY sms marketing of mobile internet business presence with dot TEL even for small enterprise , hôtels, merchants, sports clubs, or at NGOs level, with easy very low budget .

As any basic B2C sms communication , and of course further structured SMS marketing mass SMS marketing campaigns , can benefit from no brainer instant ready mobile landing pages in dot TEL, or mobile answer pages for "more info ", FAQs or intented alternative reach of further call-to -action page triggered by initial easy SMS PUSH communication ( typical use for SMS polls, SMS surveys, SMS alerts, but also promoting COUPONS, mobile games, mobile voting, etc etc ).

Indeed some opportunity and where dot TEL could show up for masses of small enterprises, restaurants, shops, and NGOs without unaffordable marketing costs nor any technical difficulties ?

Anyway , thank you @Boracay for your wise remark about iOS that required more wording efforts from me clarifying the genuine subject ! 
I sincerly do hope this is now made clearer and helpful

dutchstreetdog06-03-2014 09:33 AM

Intresting stuff, gentleman 
There is also affiliatie market for sms in the adult scene
I must read the piece for a second time, your quik thinker wax
Mabey any idear to use this with my adult domain 1500 visitors a day
i already have some click to call phonnmr running here That are dutch 0900 numbers paid mabey there is a use for your system to use.

boracay.tel06-03-2014 12:51 PM

you should lead the way.

i was hopeful boracay.tel could be used with siri too.
that is a call centre service, to auto-respond with a found page/data based on initial "voice search" 
i wrote somewhere a thread on that.

show us how it works. simply please

boracay.tel07-17-2014 04:46 AM

are u keeping an eye on this sms tele-responder angle WAX? thought you might lead the way on how to integrate it with .tel? 

you still there

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