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This service offers an advanced solution like .tel / Telpages (only without a domain)



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This service offers an advanced solution like .tel / Telpages (only without a domain)

Post by Alex on Sun 29 Jul 2012, 10:14 am

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Re: This service offers an advanced solution like .tel / Telpages (only without a domain)

Post by fustachio.tel on Sun 29 Jul 2012, 11:54 am

Well remember they need to market themselves much more, and .tel could do better marketing for sure but the site you're talking about have a terrible brand where as .tel is simple to remember. They also will be reliant on an app/website where as .tel can be integrated into the handset for speed and reduced effort at almost any menu on any mobile and soon by voice with siri and siri clones, you don't need to be looking up just contact data and in time that will show more in what telnames does I hope.
The website you mention does recommendations, well people only really care about numbers from validated sources so it's not hard at all to compact recommendations into a text section that shows up as a number, or simply a number that when you visit a .tel you can "recommend this" other than via social network and it adds a +1 to what ever number is stored in the "notecard format" record.
Say like a notecard record with numbers for stats 4,8,1,5 which displays as recommended by 4 businesses & 8 people much like twitter with the amount of tweets etc and the proxy should be picking up on how many +1 and tweets that .tel has and compress it into a notecard number , format.
It would also not take much for a company or telnic to take an open source google mobile software and get rid of telnics app and program it into the software and re-distribute it, a company could re-program the software for it's employees work handsets that frame the data in their .tel via the branded handset software, can the above claim they integrate at the operating system level? no... app only with no special access to deep internal stats and other places apps are not permitted to get into.
It would also be hard for that site to validate businesses and cost a fortune unless they exploit all ready existing validated data aka look at .tel/telnames you have a validated 'persona and address' payment processor by using a bank or credit card (if the payment failed to go though theres good chance the address is wrong?) or more likely a verified home/business shipping address via paypal but yet telnames has not built that into the proxy other than for payments, it should be very simple for telnames to check your paypal has a verified address as paypal has done the validation letters for your address? and I think some how lets you know in the payments api.
So it should not be that hard for telnames to put a little button at the side of the inputted address so we can pay 10p or what ever amount via paypal to check the address entered in the .tel is a validated address as via paypals shipping rules, and if they want to send us a promotional plastic card just to make sure it's classed as physical goods so we don't reverse charges etc then that might help.
It just needs programing in the check so an address is checked as validated, and yet they don't? why?, I'm more disappointed these little easy to do things haven't yet been done than worrying about some terrible website with a poor brand, it may say "Search our directory of 5,955,924 local businesses" but that's not their true customer total that's just a download or payment for data of businesses addresses and not actually anything like the true take up and usage.
Also why bother with that when LinkenIn partnership with facebook can wipe them out in a heart beat? or without the partnership can do the same, there are plenty of websites that want to be the next big thing but it's hard to get to play with the big boys as they either eat you up or spot you and put you down.

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