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Post by Telnic on Fri 02 Jan 2015, 5:52 am

supercyberheroes08-07-2013 09:13 PM

Can we trust in escrow.com, some one contacted me and asked to sell him 2 of my .tel domains, I said yes, so he want the process through escrow.com does any one know how works this process with escrow.com, some answer urgent please

Thanking you in advance


dutchstreetdog08-08-2013 07:29 AM

Wich domains brother
If the are real real bonito i offer you more :-)
And about trust, dont trust nobody except your mama

Shahid08-11-2013 12:21 PM


Hope you are well, have come here after a long time but just thought i would help you out with Escrow.com 

Escrow.com is very safe and secure for transacting between domains there are a few steps to follow.

1) register an account with the email you use regurlarly.
2) start a transaction by selling a domain name enter the domain name price + the escrow fee how ever you agree if it is 50% or 100% by the buyer / seller.
3) the buyer will get an email from your side ( via escrow.com ) and agree to terms once he makes payment and escrow.com secures it they will notify you to email the code/transfer the domain to the buyer once you have transferred it you would need to go to your escrow.com and click pushed/transferred then escrow.com will check their who.is and get confirmation from buyer as well once the buyer clicks he has received the domain he will accept it in his panel and the funds will be released to your Intl bank account anywhere in the world.

i bought a few .tel earlier via escrow.com valuing over 400 each but i have sold many .me above US$ 2000-4000 via escrow.com even sold one last week payment takes 7 days max 

hope this helps



supercyberheroes08-12-2013 01:17 AM

@ Shahid

Thank very much the process is on the way since las wednesday


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